Scrapbook Obsession

Wednesday, 8.00pm

I have no intention at all to get into that shop and I even set my mind with a red bold "Sile jangan pandang kedai itu" reminder. But somehow, I feel like naturally bond with papers, embellishment, trimmers & etc. (Owh, I know that everyone knows it) Hihihi Tongue And the urge is there. And the moment I stepped into the shop, I can't get my eyes off those sweet little thingy on Papiers' shelves. So I ended up buying more scrapbook things, thus adding more stuff into what I currently have. (And it only takes me 5 minutes to spend RM100 on die cut stickers and mini monograms).

.....It is all about preserving a legacy of my written history and memorabilia.

: : The recent addition : :

: : In progress : :

: : The first page and yet to complete the other 59 pages! Tongue : :


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