Stocking up foods

I am supposed to be on my diet programme (implemented recently after leaving it abandoned for a year!). I am supposed to stick to the plan but somehowwww, I am not doing so. Instead, I am currently stocking more foods in my room. Uwwhhh please, hantu gorgon mana masuk dalam badan saye nih....! (hurmm, mungkin Enchek Kown transfer ownership dia into my body kot??)

--> Amy, nanti kite slow talk lagik! Hihihihi~~

: : Mula2 beli ini, pastu abes.... : :

: : Pastu pegi beli lagik ini...banyak sikit Tongue : :

: : Belen2 cupcakes for the engagement : :

: : Dan sempat grab ini masa Body Shop, KLCC Hourly Promotions : :


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