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8 July 2007. Yesterday was our 6th anniversary and alhamdulillah for that. Alhamdulillah for everything that we have and we shared and everything that we have gone through together. The 6 wonderful years (plus a bit rocky here and there). I didn't expect anything for this year, not a surprise nor a card for our special day (coz the recent engagement is already a big thing for me...). But I did expect a makan2 agenda like we always do.

It started when he texted me and said, "Siap sekarang, I'm on my way...Pakai elok2 sikit...." and I was like, hurmmm nak pegi mana yer? But anyway, how elok the elok can be kan? Takkan nak dress up as if I'm going to the prom nite pulakkan? And to cut the story short, my thought of going to Midvalley has turned out to be a dinner at Palace of Golden Horses and a bouquet of pink roses! (That so suwiiitt of you...)

Owh dear, it's proven that he's not the romantic or 24/7 sweet type of guy (I never had a surat chenta,dedication or continuous gifts like chocolates, flowers, bears & etc. okeh?), but he is full of surprises! and he likes it and l like it tooo!! (tapi that happened like one or two times a year ajo....) Eyh, surat chenta adalah satu, tapi that is one and only that I have, which I can even count the words on it. Does it still calls a surat chenta? Hihihi, anyway surprise shouldn't be frequent or else it won't be any surprise at all... Wink

Between, I've got a thing for him too...Something that I want it to be worned all the times...I bought a ring for him. Suasa in english apa kah? Silver is perak, suasa I don't know what. Tongue (Calling for Dillot, my english teacher). Dengan amat terror nya, saya pilih ring size yang betul...ngam ngam, tak kurang tak lebih. (The status upgraded, thus giving me more instinct on him...) Hehehe...

: : Muka running nose, can't u see? : :

: : Terime kaseh enchek engineer, and I love the surprise dinner! : :

: : For Me : :

: : And for Him : :


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