Reporting to Enchek Kown

Dear Enchek Fiance,

Things that I've done for the last two days (Sat & Sun)

Pertaining to the above mentioned matter, I would like to present you my activities report while you were in Aloq Setaq on the last weekend. I am clearly understood if you may find some of the activities are so not important (like buying more things @Papier, as for now lah) or excessive spending (eheheh, yang nih saye tak dapat bantu unless the word SALE dihapuskan).

As for the shopping that I did, I was doing it just to cheer up myself when you were away from me for two days! (despite the fact that we used to be away for months!), but that was before and not anymore by now.

The details are as below:

[1] Hasbro Warehouse Sale

I woke up early than usual (it was Saturday, so I considered early) just to ensure that I'll be in Shah Alam by 10am. It was a one hell pack of people, grabbing for things as far as the hands can reach. I couldn't grab as much as others did (which I think I can do so if you were around, just like we did at Mattel Warehouse Sale). People screaming here and there like, "I want that! Please gimme the things! Here Here!!" and on that matter, good that I am tall. Hahaha, tall enough to grab the toys from others hands. Kwang kwang kwang. But anyway, 1 big box for only RM20-30 saper takmo kan? I was thinking to sell the toys in the first place, but come to think of how hard for me to grab the boxes, I changed my mind. I am giving it to the nephews and nieces. Ehehehehe, better still lah kan...

: : Dengan kuase ketinggian, I managed to grab these! : :

: : This one and below items are those that I feel worth buying : :

[2] Jalan-Jalan Cari Makan

Okeh dear, knowing me my weekend is definitely incomplete without the Makan-Makan agenda. So here are the places that I went:

: : Supper @TGI Friday's, The Curve : :

: : And my free brownies! I've found out later that they didn't charge me for this, ehehe... : :

: : One stop for my Iced Caramel Macchiato, extra caramel, whipped cream on-top Tongue : :

: : Big Apple Donuts! : :

: : Nasik Lemak Kampung Baru : :

[3] Papier!

I went there yesterday and just to have a quick look on new things on shelves. So I was not buying anything until the Papier's girl (yang tomboy tuh) gave me a call, "Miss Yursila, tadi you datang sini kan? Boleh datang balek tak collect your scrapbook page masa competition hari tu?" So I said, "OK!" (She knows me! Derang hafal my name. Kagum jap. Eehhehe). Too bad, my second round to the shop has ended up with this:

: : I bought this sebab dah teruja sangat Tongue : :

: : I was supposed to collect ONLY this Wink : :

So basically, that was it. The report is about to end and I hope you are satisfied with it. But before that I have one advertisement to show you Enchek:


: : Enough said, bahiks saye faham... Shades : :

P/S: I've banked in your cheque last Thursday, so I guess it should be clear by now. (Ehehehhe, boleh I errrr......Current mode: Muke welfare) Ehehehhe. Last but not least, I lap u and can't wait to see you today. (Macam lame je sangat tak jumpe kan?)


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