7:00pm - Just reached home from office. and I saw this parcel on my bed. Mama asked me, "apa tu? tulih present." (muka muskil, somewhat like tak soka anak dia ada skendel sana sini. menantu pilihan sudah ada di hati) * Enchek Kown bangga la tu, I knew that. Tongue Anyway, I senyum aja sampeiii telinga...dan hati berbunga-bunga. Hikhikhikhik...

So, I read the details. Parcel coming all the way from Japan. Ehehe, tibe sudah yang di nanti. So, I tore off the wrapper, and tadaaa!! Bau Jepun. (eheh, just assuming. never been to Japon pun before.) Shades Kotak kemek sudah, but that's fine. So long the content is in good condition.

Preview seket2.

To Ida, parcel has arrived safely. Tidak tercacat. Tidak ter-damage. Tip top. Thank you for the complimentary miniature juge. As for the note, ofkos I like it very much. I heart it for so long and now it's mine. Wink Cuma yang tak soka ialah Kown. Ehehehhehe (seems like pelamin fresh flowers tuka jadi pelamin bunga Padang Besar. or Danok.) Hihihihi.

Owh Dillot, I saw Lorelai Gilmore on GG with the Black Leather Hobo. Large hobo. Gorjes. Jatuh chenta with the bag, but too bad, the camera is not focusing much to the bag (eheh, why they have to pun...) Alahaiii, too much of Gilmore Girls kaa or wayyyyy tooooo much with Koc. Big Smile

Enchek Kown, ticket balik raya, round trip udah slamat dibeli. Can't wait to balik kampong together-gether. (MAS promo, round trip Penang hanye 190) Wink


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