Thank God it's Wednesday!

Because tomorrow is Thursday. CNY. Which means another long break awaiting. Hihihi. Mind the word long dear, 4 days are equal to 96 hours for which allowing me to do my long lost "makan-tido-tv-bunga pahar-paperbacks". Or maybe a SPA treatment or retail therapy?

Okeh, better get going. I have few things in line that need to be done before the end of today.

[1] Meeting with Domestic Interconnect people.
[2] DHL courier - I need to pay Rohazlee USD100 for the stuff that I ordered from States. I have the note, but to change it at money changer is just a loss to me, to pay via Western Union will add an extra costs to me. So, I'm thinking to just courier it via DHL. Huhuhu~~I know that's not a safer way but heeeee, tapi ok kot?
(TM staff dapat discount on DHL shipment wooo).
[3] Interview - 2 kids (students lah) are coming over to interview me. For their "esement tokoh2". Muahahahhaa!! Tokoh ke hakuuu?? What should I tell them? Pretending all I can that I am a good role model? Shopping wise, that will be a no problem. But accounting wise, huuuu haku pun malas nak abes kan MICPA besides having the "blurry-future-career-syndrom".
[4] Lunchie with Laling Him. *he's getting slimmer and I'm getting fatter and bloated like a dory fish. He's building up more muscles whilst me gaining more fats which scattered around my lower body. Sungguh hampeh.
[5] Set an appointment with Amin Jauhary.
(Dillot nak buat baju. Ms.King's bridesmaid's outfit. She wants it in stylo-hot-hot-hot design. Meeeooowww.)

Till then...tata titi tutu~~

My reply to all the msgs:-

Kown - Takot kah? Terlajak perahu boleh reverse, terlajak kata dengan Shila, hhehhehehe.... *sile baca agreement berulang kali plis.

AmyAdore - Business Law? Huuu, sungguh tak best la okeh.

Babe - B/Pahar first tu experiment saje, yang latest tu is my mama's request. Btw, b/pahar I ada a few colors in that shades. Light gold, bronze, white & etc. Hihihi. And MARA offer tu, dah gi amik. Tapiii, bukan lah nak komplen, saye pun bekas MRSM, tapiiii lagi, orang2 di sane amat lah tidak berbudi bahasa. Sangat2. *Mungkin saye berkomunikasi dengan orang yang salah. Yang sungguh tatawu adab bersopan santun. Sighhh~~

Ida - Bahan2 macam kat entry sebelom2 ini. Tp quantity each tu varies. Nak b/pahar gemok add more stuff to it, nak yang kurus slim just kurangkan ribbons ker. Hehehe. Boleh email, tp later yer. Hehehehe~~

Shima - Gamelan errr my mom nak amik from Sek. Men. Kepong. But as in contact I takdak lah pulak. Hihihi. Maybe you boleh tanya BayuWeddings ker? They have one jugak. (Google for the BayuWeddings link. Hihihi)

Online Sellers - To all, sile kan advertise. Saye okeh and no problem. Wink


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