I am laptop-less for now. My brother has happily took it away to Perlis. He needs it more than me whose most of the time is a blog hopper + "stumble upon-er" + friendster-er + blogger of course! (mind the grammatical error). Tongue Okels, be fine with being laptop-less and I still have a DELL in office anyway. Except that a laptop is my lifeline to everything when I'm bored. Dush!

Eyh, of course there's a replacement to the gone one kan? Hehehe, eyeing for one and currently in list is DELL Inspiron 1420 in Flamingo Pink~! Syiokkk nyeee kalau dapat. But the only thing that currently makes me against this Dell is the Window Vista. This range came with Window Vista only. *Saye tidak suke Vista. I've read so many articles and write-ups and comments of the bads about Vista. Huhuhuhu. Even Streamyx can only be connected for 30minutes. Adekah ngengg??? Anyone here have a say about Vista??

Other than being laptop-less, my hols are just a plain bored one. Hanya teman Dillot ke Amin Jauhary (kenape kena wujud the shade of bronzy+orangy?? Susah okeh to find materials of that shade.) *Dillot, you owe me a super great wedding present okeh. Double the great for the reasons that I teman you for the making of "Ms.King's bridesmaid's outfit" agenda and you're not even coming to my wedding in May! (saje nak increase tahap guilty you. hihihi).

Others are "Cupcakes Baking Session with Shower", "Brekfes-Nasi Lemak Ayam Kampund-di W/Maju" and snoozing due to overdose intake of Clarinase. *My nasal condition is getting worst day by day. Hanya melihat gambar kucin' sudah mahu bersin like gilos. Huhuhuhu

Owh, to Mama Nasya & Mama Mika, I burn GG Season 7 on a DVD okeh tak? Will need only 2 DVDs as compare to errr, 15 CDs? Shipment pon save. Eheheheh~~


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