Pelamin Anganku

Tada!! I proudly present you my "Pelamin AnganKu". Please ignore my dramatically decreasing drawing skill. *Not an eyesore aite?? Tongue I wanted to sketch the picture on an A4 and to color it accordingly and later to paste in my Wedding Journal. But sadly say, I didn't have much time for that and as to date my newly bought 48 Faber Castel remains untouched.

Well, I am pretty sure that Sherry will make my "Pelamin Angan" much nicer than this sketch. This is just a mere illustration in order to visualize it on paper. Hehehehe...Just a bit explanation for above picture, should you be getting it wrong lah kan,

[1] The orangy things like an egg itu adalah ornaments. Actually those are christmas ornaments which I bought for cheap. If I'm not mistaken errm, like 5 for RM10 from Living Quarters. Hehehe. I saw it on magazine and I found these nice to be hanged in such way. Tongue *Alerr, sikit2 boleh kot.

[2] The dotted lines on the backdrop are fairly lights okey. Hihihihi. So, pelamin akan lip lap lip lap nanti.

[3] Those 2 pokoks are not pokok per say. Those are candle stands and flower stands. Get the picture? Wink

[4] And the most front silver stand is not meant for cupcakes okels. Tho it might look like one. Itu adalah merenjis stuff. Huhuhuh

Okels, so that my meoowww pelamin angan. With a not-so-big budget on this, I hope the combination of roses and chrysanthemums and baby breath and daisies and gerberas kerr, harap2 indahlah pelamin angankuuu..Boleh kan Sherry? Hihihi Wink


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