Hari Ini Hari Jumaat

It's a relatively nice day today. Maybe on the fact that today is Friday. Big Smile Owh and yesterday was a great day too. I've been able to do a little shopping (after not doing so for the past 2 months). *Okels, this is not in any manners will breach the contract made btw Him and Me - Nautica Swiss Chronograph for hantaran. Yes for Him. (Abes duit daaaaahhhhhhhh) Hurmph

And let me share you something. Never in my life to know that my fiance has a great bargaining skill - in a MALL. Midvalley and a boutique okeh. Until he demonstrated the skill yesterday with me standing there in a very thick face *yang rasa macam nak masok longkang. Huhuhuhu. But hey, no surprise, dapat extra price slash! 15% discount plus the "alaaaa uncleee, for wedding maaa, cincai cincai kira laaaa", that saves me a lot. (Mungkin uncle tu tokey Nautica.)

Retail therapy can be wonderful sometimes. Also, it can be a bit of an escape from what's been troubling us daily. Wink

Looking forward to update on the cupcakes, but due to a laptop-less condition, I will be able to do so in sometime later. *Desktop di sini tidak dapat membaca DVD. While waiting for more interesting updates, enjoy the pic below. *yang tidaklah seberapa. (To me, an entry without a pic adalah sedikit bosan) Tongue

: : "Cousin, Tasmania jom!...." : :

: : K.O.S.H : :

: : Hantaran tunang yang di cover plastic kerna hujan di malam hari : :

: : Mencoba detox soup recipe given by Hanis. But with spiral macaroni added : :

: : Sneak preview. Still in the making : :

Just a quickie to share with you: A chat with a fren on a V Day.

Dia bertanya, "So, what's for today? Anything special in celebrating this V Day?"

Me, "Not any. And never had one. Am just not use to it."

Seriously, I never celebrate this day. (Mahap naaa, no offence to those celebrating it). Personally, I'm on the idea that "why should it be only 1 day to remember/celebrate your love ones?" It should be everyday. Not only one day over the 365 days that we have a year. To me, a bouquet of flowers will be more meaningful if I were to receive it on any normal days as compared to Bday, Vday, Anni.Day & etc.

*Dan bahawasanya saye tahu dan saya sedar, hanya begitu sedikit hari yang saya luangkan untuk mengingati Kekasih di Atas Sana....especially waktu beronggeng tahap tak ingat dunie. (eheheh, tazkirah di hari Jumaat) Big Smile

Eyh, have you read on newspaper (Star frontpage), story of a guy who made the wedding proposal on a billboard? (I guess somewhere along the LDP, nearby Kelana Seafood kot?) And that cost him RM40k! Besides the RM14k solitaire ring. Huuuu, sungguh macam2 orang buat bersempena VDay ini. Including the massive splurge. Tongue

Tapi saya dan Fifa dapat cornetto ice cream from Fairoz. Love you to bits lah laling!


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