Aaaaaaaaaaa....gwe pikir kepala gwe ini udah mau letop! *Susahnye nak decide on this honeymoon agenda that I longed for. First and for most is the destination. Followed by "where to stay?" rumah tumpangan Ban Ciong, "what to do?", "rent a car?" The busy bee is now working hard flipping through magazines & newspapers, hopping from one webpage to another, amusing other people blogs, travel tips and piccas and of course comparing between fares & packages because everything has to ball back to the budget. Huhuhuhu~~

MAS Travel Fair is just around the corner (KL Convention Centre, 22nd Feb - 24th Feb) and I have yet to decide on this honeymoon matter. (See the word I? Yer saye, si dia hanya angguk dan OK dan hulur Ringgit Malaysia) Tongue *weeehhhooo, saye cuti Friday kerane mahu menguruskan pelbagai urusan nak kawen, I need opinions. Again.~~

Gold Coast
Best. Happening. Few theme parks in the list. Movieworld, Seaworld, Wetworld dak la kot, mati beku kami. Dreamworld, with few other tours to go on. Can even opt for AirAsia (murah saje ini), with Islander Hotel offering AUD$489 for 7 nights! Cheap mehhhh...

So, basically ala2 pi cucuk langit, having fun here and there, cuci mata di Surfers Paradise. But for me, kurang sikit tahap romantika nye.

Fast moving place tapi tak jam packed. A lot of nice buildings and structures, easily accessible trains and trams, banyak Direct Factory Outlets for shopping! Cooler than Gold Coast of course, so boleh jalan around the town pelok2 hasben. Kwang kwang kwang~~! The only thing is I've been there before, and by any chance saye nak cuba tempat yang lain pula. *Tapi Kown mahu pergi Melben.

Wwhhooaaa~~! Saye mahu sini. Mahu amat bangat ini. With winter season around, adventurous activities awaiting; bungy jumping + sky diving!, beautiful sceneries *ala2 kambing biri2 bertaburan dan lembu Fernleaf di sane sini tuu, and LOTR & Narnia scenes to be visited, hati ku meronta-ronta berkata, jomlaaaa pegiiii South Island NZ.
*guling2 bawah meja pasai bebai.

Tapi NZ kena road trip if we really want to enjoy the above mentioned items. Otherwise, we will not be able to stop at any places we like as we travel down south. *Dah kena follow itinerary package kan. And packge is seriously costing us a bomb. And it takes long hours from Malaysia to Christchurch. Kena transit, Bosan...

2 days to go. Yet so much things to decide with lesser hours left. Susah2 cek balik Kepala Batas sudah. Huhuhuhu~~Duduk Hotel An-Nur with room service roti canai and teh tarik. Tongue

P/S: Suraya, kalau Melbourne kita pegi roadtrip okeh. Kalau Christchurch, sile la usahakan ke sana. Bersama pemandu kapal terbang itu. Dan kita road trip jugek. Shades


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