Journey to honeymoon

As the title goes, the "sile-beli-tiket-murah" for our honeymoon wasn't an easy job. We've been browsing through the web since last few weeks, hunting for a good deal on airfare. Ehehehe, when the airfare is on your expense, people will always go for the cheapest, and so do us. (Bear in mind, tahap berkira2 seorang auditor masih segar dalam diri ini) Tongue So, I have to ensure that every single cent spent on the trip is worth. SIA is cheap but unfortunately it's not a direct flight. A direct route to the destination at a cheapest rate is all we want. *Plus a good range of inflight entertainment to accompany us during the long hours flight. Hehehe. (I heart the inflight navigator thingy iteww. My eyes always get glued to that thing).

So, MAS Travel Fair is a great saver to us. I've prepared myself with all the possibilities of not getting the tickets at discount. First come first serve lah kan. With all fully strategized plans that I have, we finally bought the tickets at discount! Yeayyy!! *Clap! Clap! Clap!. Tho have to sadly say that my dreamland is not the destination. Maka dengan itu, NZ is a big strike by now.

Long hours flight to Christchurch (12hours KUL-AUK + 2hours connecting flight to CHC), time constraint to travel down south with super short daytime (7 hours only??), the 0-9 degrees freezy weather that I can't possibly stand (may get sick and bad flu *antibodi and nasal system saya yang teruk) and above all, I can't forgo the extra $$$ that we have for the sake of NZ roadtrip. Basically, it's a NO for me to forgo the shopping agenda. Well said. Tongue (Mana bleyyy jalan2 tak soping. no no no no).

And we're a risk averse couple; to have a trip in a place that we've never been before, roadtrip lagi (you might get fined for the speed limit ke, mana taukan?) and other uncertainties, maybe not this time. *Huhuhu, sedey la tapi kan...

Dan di sebalik kisah beli teket? See below:-

22nd to 23rd Feb 2008, Cyberjaya
11:00pm - 12:00am - Tried to purchase the tickets online. Tapi pasai ada orang tuuuu tak renew the passport, I cannot purchase it online. *Emo habes that night.

12:00am - 3:00am - Tried to purchase the ticket via phone. It was a hard try to get through the line and too bad, nobody answered but a "terima kasih kerana menghubungi Malaysia Airlines. Maaf, talian kami sedang sebok dan anda akan dilayan sebentar lagi..." *Lebih kurang macam tu la...

4:00am - He was in Kinrara and I was in Cyberjaya. Lantas di pagi2 buta itu, dia datang ke MMU Cyberjaya and we headed straight to KLIA. Tho I was a little bit grumpy and with the emocore mode di subuh hari, hati ini puas bila berjaya dapat teket murah. *Seriously murah. (And we were the first MTF customer there) Ehehehee.

Saye tahu saye bersungguh amat jike saye mahukan sesuatu. Saye akan buat ape saje untuk dapatkan ape yang saye mahu. Tho I have to drive all the way to KLIA di subuh yang dingin. *Big grinnn.

: : Muka emosi baru bagun tidok : :

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Lain2 cerita:-

[1] I've done my HIV test and it was quite scary tho. Owh don't get me wrong, I am a total purely 100% pengamal kehidupan gaya sihat but still, that "what if??" question was suddenly popped out on my mind.

Kown was the one who worried most, because there was once (back then in Kuktem) when somebody has wrongly placed the shaver in Kown's toiletries basket (lelaki ada toiletries basket macam cumil je). Hehehe. And he was accidentally used it before he realized that it was not his shaver.

A piece of reminder to all; berkongsi shaver, berus gigi (yucks okeh!) ada potential untuk mendapat HIV if the stuff is not properly cleaned for. But no worries, kami adalah pasangan "Tidak Reaktif". Shades

[2] No other event was held last week except a small family gathering on Sunday. Lepak-ing with families, enjoying lunch and dinner together and gossiping Cik Kiah are of the best way to spend my super Sunday. Big Smile Enjoy the piccas!

[3] Soon will recover from the state of laptop-less. Hehehe. I can't wait for the thing to arrive. *5-7 working days macam lama sunggoh.

: : Cupcakes. More pictures coming! : :

: : Bidan terjun di pagi Ahad. Tolong buat untuk kawan : :

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: : Iman Raesa, awatlah payah nak snap gambaq cek ni... : :

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