I'm back!

Hello my dear readers, I'm back with more stories to share and more things to ramble. Hurmm, where should I start first?

Okels, I've been "blog-paralysed" for past few weeks due to this laptop-less disease. Hehehehe. But not anymore, the 'medication' is finally here and it cures me very well. *I loikess! So now I can continue blogging religiously. Hihihhi...But again, I am seriously hating this whole Vista and will very soon change to XP *Kown kata, ofis original installer ade. +P Too many security functions, alerts and reminders and etc. that annoy me to the max. Hoohhohoho~~

: : My soul saver : :

Other than that, I was also in waiting last week for a parcel to arrive from States. Nothing biggy, just a few VS stuff ordered for personal use and hantaran. Heheheh. And thing has just arrived safely yesterday. Wheee~~ *Currently into Love Spell. Okels, I know that I have are few bottles more that remain unused (which I bought somewhere in last August kot?) but this is Love Spell. My favourite scent of all and the best over all the fragrance that I have. =)

Hurmmm, apa lagi ya?

I do have a lot to tell in here, but I have other important things to work on right now. I need to pack my whole lot of stuff in my room in order to give way to the painting works. Waaaaaa~~! See the pictures. Banyak gilerrr nak kemasssss...... *Sob sob sob.

Between, I'm starting to get this anxious feeling as the whole wedding thingy is now nearer and nearer. And adding to all the list of ketakutan when kawan-kawan-ku-sayang (the married ones) keep teasing me, "Abes la ko!! Kown is double your size!" dan diiringi gelak tawa yang amat jahat gileeerrrrr.

: : 4 boxes full of paperbags. Almost 2000 kot? : :

: : My collectible items : :

: : Bearista yang sedang membiak : :

: : Chic-lit readings : :

: : Jiwang guling-guling books : :

: : Once upon a time when they called me Genius. Hohhoho. *Not anymore. : :

: : Dan lain-lain rubbish. Owh, can you spot my candles collection juge? : :

: : Sesame Street. *Saye tahu umur saye very soon will hit 25. Hohoho : :


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