It's My Genies Day

Wheeee~~~ I finally found my "Hari-Genies" yesterday after facing through a number of "Hari2-Bodow-s" since early this year (ehehe, it's only March now). And I know that my shopaholic instinct will always lead to a great shopping experience. *Happy mode. Lalalalala~~~

It started when..................................

We had to cancel our date yesterday due to his workload condition. Network down-preventive maintenance-on call-yadaaa-yadaaa-yadaa. Okels, fine. *Saye tunang yang amat memahami. But behind all the grumpiness that I had last evening, there was like a slow-tiny-weeny whisper keep playing on my mind *setan kecik kot. Somekind of feeling that urged me to go to The Gardens.

So fine, after contemplating between "to-go-or-not-to-go", I decided to just go and spend maybe an hour there. Actually, the moment I decided, "yer nak pegi jugak lah", I've already entered The Gardens & had parked my car. Hihihihihi... But, as I stepped in, I saw a few ladies were carrying the Women Weekly paperbags and well I know that was a goodie bag.

"Owh no! I must go and get it too!" I said to myself.

Owh dear, you know what? Yesterday night was a "Robinsons Ladies Night" and it was held in conjunction with Malaysian Women Weekly, Harpers Bazaar and Cosmopolitan magazines. (Okels, I might be the last one on earth to know about, but at least I know) =P All I need to do then was to flash an OCBC Robinsons Platinum Card or invitation card or any of above mentioned magazines. Heck! I have none of above mentioned things and all the magazines were sold out there.

Hey, shopaholic never gives up on any great deals okeh. What I did was, I walked all the way back to MPH Midvalley and bought all 3 magazines because I want all 3 goodiebags. Hahhahaha. *Saye tamak and gile kuasa. But who cares? And wheeeee~~I'm in! and started with all the shopping madness.

Wait. There are few more great things to share. First, I received a lot of shopping vouchers as part of the goodies and that inclusive of 3 x RM20 Robinsons cash vouchers. Sungguh meow lah! And with a remainder of genius genes in me, I spent all the 3 vouchers and made the payment into 3 bills. And with that 3 bills, I entered myself into the Lucky Spin game and I was entitled for one spin for each receipt that I have. So, 3 spins lah. Tadaaaa!! All 3 spins that I made hit the "Surprise" and "Mystery" column and yeayyyy!! I win more and more shopping vouchers and that's much better rather than to win a body lotion?? hair coloring??

But the best part is.......I've found my dream wedding shoes. Nothing fancy about it, just a plain white peep toe pump to be matched with my white chiffon beaded jubah for akad. This one is so perfect for my wearing and it's comfy. And came with 20% off and RM20 price slashed. Most importantly, it is less than 2 inches height, 1.5 inches kot? I can't be wearing anything more than 2 inches or otherwise, I'll be part of those "tiang-tiang-letrik-TNB-di-tepi-jalan". So, strike the akad shoes as I already found one and will now focusing on hunting the yellowish-goldy-2 inches-pump for reception.

Plus, I can't wait to use all the remaining vouchers especially for:-

3x Beaubelle's head, neck and shoulder massage
2x Beaubelles's Deluxe Spa Massage
4x MyYoga complimentary passes
4x RM100 Body Perfect treament vouchers (heheh, good lah, can go slimming)
3x RM30 Triumph vouchers (good jugak, wedding is very soon. Hikksss~~)
4x RM20 Xixili vouchers (also good for lingeries hunting =P )
2x RM50 Hush Puppies vouchers (okels, I need one comfy sandals for honeymoon. Hihihi)
2x RM50 Obermain vouchers (will give it to Kown ajer)
3x 20% off for Ted Baker normal price item (Don't know yet whether cukup duit to buy or not)
3x OPI RM10 & RM30 vouchers for manicure and pedicure
3x Free Hi-Tea/Buffet Lunch @ The Boulevard Hotel
RM50 Robinsons cash vouchers + 25% off voucher

and much more....! Kown jom shopping!

: : And the remaining ones : :


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