My next best thing!

Another self indulgence for me last week.

Apa yer~~??

An invitation to Body Shop 2008 National Make-up Competition at 7th Heaven, Pavilion KL. Last Saturday. Wheeeee~~~!!!

It was such a great pleasure to receive the invitation and I was more than happy to know that I can bring my two friends along. Not one but two! 6 finalists have demonstrated their technique and creativity with the Spring Bloom 2008 Collection theme and the audience has to vote and determine the winner. It was basically a make-up competion plus a spring cocktail party. Not to be forgotten a make-up tips session and the best thing of all, a free make over with photo session! *So that was the main reason of me attending the event. Plus the Body Shop goodie bag and vouchers. Simply fabulous!

I love last week. And I love this week too! Coz I'll be on leaves from Thursday to Sunday. *Sronot abes~~


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