Shila is 23, today!

Today was a bit unexpected. It was unexpected in many ways and I had many surprising things that happened and which actually ended up making me happier! The only that makes me sad was the addition of 1 year to my age; I am 23 today! Sighhh~~But anyway, I am grateful and thankful to Allah All Mighty for giving me such a wonderful life for all these 23 years...Tho I have the ups and downs, I do love my life very much, families, significant other half, good friends, achievements and etc. So, after dinner I had a surprise; they brought me to a karaoke place! A happy birthday song to me (plus the one with Miju own version, hihihihi) and had another suprise in Cyberjaya! We had a conversation all night long (biaserler, gosip banyak!) and tadaaaaa!!!! He gave me 23 birthday presents! Twenty-Three OK? It tooks me until 6 o'clock in the morning to open each of the 23 stuffs and that was really good...I was jumping2 like giler cacat and Miju was like, "Lorrr, tok nangih pon!" I guess they were expecting me to cry sebab giler terharu di atas ke-sweet-an Kown but I turned up to be like so gembire hati dengan melompat-lompat keriangan...Hihihihihi!! The other surprise was the CD which replaced my birthday card (zaman maju, Cyberjaya Intelligent City, mana main card2 nih! Hehehe) and I inserted the CD into the laptop - clicked on the Switch File - played it and it was... - and I jumped again like tarzan giler! Reaksi penonton adalah begini:

Miju : "Miju terharu giler Kown wak gitu, kalu Shila dok trase terharu gok, dok tahu la nok kate..."

Wawa : "Aaaa, sweetnye...sangat suke...." (Sambil bergenang air mate and nak nangis dah..)

Lin : "Lin nak tengok lagik skalik! Best nyer~~~"

Wan : Senyum penuh makne...Hihihihi

Bae : Looking at me without blinking his eyes...Maybe confuse sebab Shila jumping2 here and there...

Lala : "Amboi! Nih kalau tak suke jugak tatau la nak kata apa...Agak2 nya kalau Shila still bukan dengan Kown, Shila tengok CD nih, Shila nak tak dekat Kown?" Hahahaha, soalan cepu emas Lala!

Zuren & Hanim : "Shila ko nak kawen kerrrrrr???" kate my two roomies sambil mereka pun tergedik di bilik bersame gwe~~

I'm very glad that I now have such a great significant other half. He's such a nice person and that I was thinking already when we were together. Such a big heart for everyone and especially for what he did to me. Smart too and wise. So I think it's all going to end good. At the moment we haven't had any problems, yet. Not that I'm expecting or anything... but things like that haven't happened to me before. I like the way we are. This is exactly how I had it in my head... that the end would be as nice as the beginning.


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