Happy Burfday Kak Lini & MMU Prom Nite

Happy Burfday Wan!

Happy Burfday to You! Semoge panjang umur, murah rezeki, berjaye selalu, stay cun dan slim always~~Hikhikhikhik!! Or could it be cepat jumpe potential candidate for the position of "Wan's Significant Other Half" ? Hehehehe (Ker dah ade??) I'm making my so evil face rite now, hehehe...Skarang pun tibe2 dah pandai speaking Kelate nooooo~~~~Tongue

MMU Nite 2006

Ok, I don't know how to put it into words in order to explain about what I felt that night~~Everything was very nice on the surface but actually, it was very dot dot dot!

My Date : Yummy!!

Location : Putrajaya International Convention Centre (PICC) - and it was grand and I feel honoured to at least get into it, once...

VVIP : Tun Dr Mahathir & Tun Dr Siti Hasmah + Embassadors

Performance : Vince, Nabil (dah MMU student kan...) , Siarra, MMU students, Mind Reading and apetah lagik jer...

Foods : Western but it sucks! and I mean it. (Main course at 11pm, logic kah?)

Dance Floor : 2 songs for 5 minutes camtu jer....Hampeh!

So basically, that was it, the long awaited prom nite that turned up to be like so hampeh dan bengong! But anyway, I enjoyed taking pictures like what I always did. Lepas abes sumer2 tu, kita orang pegik minum dekat VillageView (lepak sini lagik best dari PICC) Gosip2, main teka teki MMU vs. Kuktem vs. USM, laughing like mad all night long and I like it even better than the Unite....Tapi harus kembali ke alam nyata sebab esok pagi ada kelas MICPA at 9 am! And I can't hardly wait for the birthday surprise from him!

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