Tell me why?

Apekah semua benda di muka bumi ini haros ada kena mengena dengan minyak? What I meant here is crude oil. Bukan lah minyak masak, minyak angin, minyak gamat and let alone the minyak dagu. Hohohoho.

*Flipping through pages of McGraw-Hill's Economic textbook, Business News and constantly clicking the Forbes.Com, still little did I know about the correlation of below mentioned items with the increase in crude oil price.

*Okeh, of course you won't find the term "parking terbuka" in =P

[1] Open space parking in front of Menara TM has increased from RM4 to RM5. *apekah kena mengenanya? kereta2 di sana di siram minyak kah untuk di lindungi dari sinaran UV? *what da heck, haros lah meletop kereta itu semua.

[2] Eneous One Utama, car wash service has cost me RM17 for wash&vacum which it was formerly charged at RM12 before the oil price hike up. Apekah gile keji nya naik harga sampai RM5? Cuci pakai minyak kah? Or maybe they wax my car guna minyak diesel. or petrol.

[3] Satu bungkus sup lidah dekat pasar ramadan nilainya RM25~! Hilang akal kah? Even the whole long lidah lembu dekat pasar tani pon gonna cost RM20-25 at most. Ini kan pula hanya beli sup yang dapat pat lime cebis hirisan lidah itu? Barangkali sup itu ada resepi rahsia; minyak mentah imported dari Iraq~!

[4] Upah jahit baju raya pon naik jugek. Mengikut perkiraan saya yang tak berapa hebat economy nih, mungkin dia kena isi minyak petrol nak bagi mesin jahit berjalan lancar.

[5] Hubby has been looking forward for spa treatment since our honeymoon. But to his surprise which made him to think twice for only a half body massage, harga sudah naik. Back then, RM70-80 you can already go for a whole body massage, but that is no longer valid for today. Well, I believe dia urut guna campuran asli minyak petrol dan minyak diesel sambil menikmati aromaterapi gas asli. That's why it costs you so much for a 30-minutes-half-body-massage~!

One thing sure, even the oil price has been reduced slightlyyy by RM0.15, there's no way and not even a bit of possibility that the goods price's will follow the same.

Why on earth is that??
I wonder how? I wonder why? Yesterday you told bout the blue blue sky, and all that I can seeeee, is just a nonsense price increaseeeee.......

Dan haku tetap tak berpuas hati cuci keta naik lima hengget~!
Wonder whether the Peg Perego Pliko P3 Completo Travel System will cost us more by next year? Tolak pakai keta sorong je kang~~


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