Saye bosan. Saye lapar.

State weird things/ habits/ little known facts about yourself.

[1] I got my driving license when I was 18 but I never drive a car since then. NEVER. *So lesen simpan buat perhiasan dalam purse. At least, takde la di-perkotak-katik kan pasai takdak driving license. And my first car Kelisa was bought using my 101% gaji hamba-abdi-bertauliah when I first started working with Ernst & Young. Audit requires me to commute a lot. Otherwise, I don't think that I'll be driving like today. But the true fact here is, I never drive any other car but my Kelisa. So, sudah 2 tahun merempit atas jalan, tapi hanya dengan Kelisa saya. Even if you give me another Kelisa still I don't think that I dare to drive. Driving Phobia.

[2] I have nearly 2000 paperbags and 2500 tags in my collection. Heh, you may want to call me a rubbish collector, still I will continue collecting those until God knows when. *Sile angkat tangan sapa yang masih simpan tag baju raya yang di beli pada zaman sekolah rendah? Ermm let say tahun 1994? I still have that in my collection. Owh, and I owned hundreds of McD toys too but the activity has slowed down a bit these days. Sebab mainan McD tak berapa nak best dah. *I have that Mr.Hamburglar which my dad bought me when I was 6.

[3] I hate people touching/using/borrowing my things without my knowledge. Yes, you are allowed to borrow one, but please DO NOT take it without my permission. Itu tandanya nak bagi haku jadi raksaksa gorgon. That does not mean that I don't like sharing, it just that I don't like people to do whatever they like to my stuff and in the end, they are not responsible to it should there be damages to that particular thing.

[4] I love to eat plain white rice. Yer nasi kosong. *For which I think my MMU Gerdix know this well. Dia orang slalu je, "nah nak amik nasi putih lebih kat ko, aku tak abessss." *and senang Kown nak bela. :P

[5] I never really knew Kown when we decided to couple2 bagai neh. Weh, hot stuff nak kat haku yang gemok-with-thousand-zits and that betty looks, haros lah aku nak kannnn?? *Tho most people said that Kown was just playing around with me. Ade aku kesah? Now we are happily married & may we live happily ever after. And walking down the lane, waiting for our unborn child to arrive.. Bile neh? :)

[6] I have a huge folder containing A to Z/Exist/Westlife songs to which I can remember every single word, from my primary school days. *Exist weh, Existtt. Gile berguling chenta Exist zaman skolah rendah. And my all time favourite song is Hani Lempengnya Hangus. *which I think very much relates to me. Hohohooho.

[7] I had a very-very-very low self esteem when I was in lower secondary. I always had this thought of being the ugliest girl in school and possibly the last girl on earth that everyone would want to date for. When every other guy in school was drooling over my girlfrens, I was still the one that who left alone takde bofren. Sedey betol.

Being the rejected object back then, had created this feeling of "dan skarang aku pon tak hingin nak kawan dengan korang. because you guys were never my friends sejak dolu pon wahai lelaki2 sekalian." Tell me that I'm mean, because I don't care....

[8] Granada, Spain is my ultimate dream place that I really wanna go and for that to happen, I will work my ass so that I'll be able to make a dream-come-true. No matter how long it takes. Or I may one to cut it short by burning my husband pockets someday. When the business is doing better with super healthy cashflow. Buat2 la jadi business trip. =P

[9] I remember my birth certificate no. F605410.

[10] I have this childhood myth and I think still holding to it now. Macam hampeh. "Jangan bunuh semut, nanti masa akhirat dia jadi raksaksa and pijak kita sampai penyek." Yes, please laugh all you want, but till today I am trying my hard not to kill an ant. Hape2 tah punya kepercayaan. Sape punya pasal laaa yang sumbat idea bodo ni dalam kepala haku sampai skarang.

[11] My all time favourite books for which I can read repetitively without bored are those written by Amy Tan. The Joy Luck Club. The Kitchen God's Wife. The Hundred Secret Senses. The Bonesetter's Daughter.

[12] Finally, the saddest fact in my entire life. I never watched LOTR. Nadaaa. Not even one. I hate long hours movie or maybe the fact I don't like to watch something that is only imaginary, fantasy and not real. I know it is sad to know that I never watched LOTR, but that's the fact. Kesiannya saye... *Okels fine, I'll add that into my next year new year resolution yer. ;-)


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