Kisah Toilet

Lokasi: Sogo, Jalan TAR
Masa: Lebih kurang 1pm - 3pm

Hubby went for some business discussion about this tuition centre franchise thingy somewhere nearby Pudu last week and while waiting for him to finish with the whole agenda, I spent my time in Sogo for about 2 hours.

Being Sogo, the S.A.L.E is endless and to me it runs through out the year. So, of course there were mad crowd searching for God knows what in that mall, maybe hunting for some bargain stuff? or searching for 70% price slashed items? or grabbing those handbags priced at RM15?? Besides seeing parents juggling between kids who wants this and that for school next year. *Mak nak kasot ni~!! Mak nak beg rodaaaaa~!! And it all came with aksi guling2 atas lantai.

*Teros saspen nak ada anak ramai. Huhuhuhu~~

But well, that's not the story here.

What I want to share in here is a scene that happened in toilet. Being a pregnant lady, I made my washroom visits quite a number of times. In this case, 3 times in 2 hours period. =P

It was a long queue in that toilet and everyone was waiting 'terkepit-kepit' for their turn. *hahahahaha, sorry I don't know any better word for this. At that time, I was number two in line and in front me stood a chubby Indian lady. Suddenly, there came this Malay lady (in tudung tau~!) and simply cut the line righttt in front of this Indian aunty. *Muka kerek tahap rasa nak sepak je masa tu.

So, of course it pissed off this aunty lah and with *gaya cekak pinggang* the aunty said : "Hello, orang beratur lah dikkk..."

And you know what this stupid dumb head lady replied? "Owh, bukan tunggu depan pintu toilet je kerrr?" And she's not moving an inch. And she even made an attempt to cut the aunty turns but too bad lah, that aunty is much gangster than her.

I feel like slapping her face at that very moment and knock her head with my heels. Sadly said, I'm pregnant thus I have to be extremely patience and second, I'm not wearing heels. I'm a flip flop person now. =P

I mean hello?? Can't you see the long queue? And why would people want to stand for nothing in toilet for long? Public toilet plak tuh. Mesti lah tunggu turn. Mengong je...

I wonder how people lives around her? Imagine if you have neighbour which is so inconsiderate like this? Cari gaduh somemore...Saiko okeyh~

Ke hadapan Abang Kown,

Memandang hari ni Abang tiba2 kena pegi Kemaman sampai Rabu, lalu meninggalkan bini yang boring bila balik rumah lepas kerja, maka I nak membawa lah diri dengan debit card baby ke Robinsons. Tengok lah kot boleh sauk apa2 yang patut. Sekian harap maklom...

I leviuuu~~

Hari Kames sampai Ahad kita balik Kedah okeyh?



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