On breastfeeding

Weeehooo~~! One down but ohohoho a whole lot more to go.

I got this. At discounted price.

I'm glad that my husband is a man and daddy-to-be who is fully supporting breastfeeding. I didn't bother to ask him what makes him so positive about bf, but hopefully he's not into any hidden agendas lah i.e: saveee duit ayah from buying you formula milk every month. so boleh tukar rim, buy new golf set, buy new sunglasses (which is ridiculuosly expensive~! 1.5k for that piece is a big no no okeh Abang?) and yadayadayada... >:P

Tho we may never know how thing will be until the baby is born, at least having this kind of morale support from husband is enough to keep me motivate and positive about bf. You go Shila~! Hihihihihi~~

I know some might have said that it's quite early for me to get this electric breastpump and what if my milk supply isn't even there to be pumped out? While some people said it's ok to have this before delivery because breastpump is a one big helping tool by then. At least to avoid breast engorgement. Eyh?? So we decided just to have now (with that RM200 discount) and having this is way better than letting the husband to splurge on new Oakley. Egegegegeggegege~~

And of course every mother wants to breastfeed the baby directly kan? But in cases where baby refuses to latch on, or maybe it's me who doesn't know how to do it right, giving breastmilk through bottle feeding is better still than formula milk, kan kan kan?

I have one question here. How early can you get yourself prepared for breastfeeding? I've been reading and jotting down all the tips; lobak putih lah, horlicks, fenugreek, Milk Maid Tea, dried longan, drink plenty of water, massage of course and most importantly breastfeed the baby directly in order to stimulate the milk supply.

But how early should I eat those dried longan, lobak putih, halba and whatnot tu? Do I have to wait until baby comes out, or when there's a decrease in supply, or just do it now? Horlicks is an exception as I drink it mostly everyday, be it pregnant or nope. =P

I have cousins and colleagues who breastfeed their baby in total. 100% mama's milk. And most of them have been doing it for more than a year. Wonderful ait? One thing that I can say from my observation is they're very determine to do the pumping, be it in office, outdoor, outing, kenduri, bowling & etc. As well as carrying the cooler bag wherever they are.

Hopefully I can just be like one of them. Or am I flying too high now with this bf idea? =P

And I well aware that thing will not be as easy as said. :)


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