First and for most, mahap ya saya takdak ilham nak berblogging. Not that I don't have things to write in here but I am too busy playing games online. Hihihihi~~ Never did I know that malam-yang-bosan-lalu-saya-ber-blog-hop to beba-anas' will remind me to something that I've lost touched long time ago. And now, I'm addicted to it again... =P

Guess what is that?


Hahahahhaha. Laugh all you want, please. =)

I saw that cyberpet icon on beba-anas blog and decided to give a try accessing my long abandoned neopets' account and to my surprise, my Ixikosh is still alive~! *Tho the status stated: DYING. But hey, she still alive. And the age? 1315 days~!

Without further due, I fed and groomed my pet and finally its back to the normal condition. And I visited that healing spring to heal my cyberpet too. And went to Neo bank to collect my Neopoints from the savings that I made 3 years ago. Hihihihihihi~~ And I've been playing Neopets games for days since then.

Aha, yes I am 25. And mommy-to-be too. But if daddy can play all the wifi and stuff, then why not me? After all it just an online cyberpet and at least, I don't have to worry about being allergy to animals fur. =P

Lain-lain perkara? Nadaaa. We went back to Alor Setar for few days to give our monthly visit to both my MIL and FIL. *Ahhh, baik nyaaaa Kown dapat bini macam niii~~

: : Pagi yang gelap kini sudah terang : :

Last but not least, I'm doing a short unpaid advert for my husband here.

Calling for all ex-MRSM-Langkawi for your Ansara registration and reunion and stuff. Which I don't have the details here. Kindly contact Kown for further details. *Dah unpaid advert, haruslah short and precise je kan? Hihihi

Below are pictures taken during Ansara Dinner held last two weeks, which Maresmawi made its first appearance there.

: : Ngorat Sana : :

: : Ngorat Sini : :

: : Ha kan dah kenaaa : :

: : Aaaaaa~~!! Satu saya suka. Satu saya chenta. Lalalalala~~ : :

P/S: Terime kasih pada sapa2 yang membuatkan blog saya begitu hot-hot-hit. Baik sungguh hati kamu. Begitu banyak Nuffnang saya skarang. :) Saya tidak kacau kamu pun, tapi kenapa kamu begitu berkenan di hati nak jeles sama saya? Tapi tidak apa lah, teruskan sampai kamu puas hati. *Sebab saya puas hati dengan Nuffnang saye. Kuikuikuikuikui.

Kesilapan saya yang lalu telah saya betulkan. Dan kalau ada yang masih gigih nak merosakkan keamanan di sini, sile kan lah. Apa jua yang kamu lakukan, saya ucapkan selamat maju jaya. Usaha tangga kejayaan. Tak kuasa nak halang. Yang penting, my loves ones tahu siapa saya. Privatekan blog? Not at this moment... :)


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