Tahun Baru, New Year

Salam Maal Hijrah 1430 dan Selamat Tahun Baru 2009.

2008 achievement list?

2009 new year resolutions?

2008 is full of wonderful days and moments, at least to me. Of course there are goods and bads happened along the way, but there's always a room for improvement and opportunities to grab in 2009 kan?

Just like everyone else, the common new year resolutions will remain intact in the list. Saving, hardworking, dieting, solat, yada yada yada. Biasalah tu kan? But I don't have any extraordinary things to add either. Hihihihi~~

Alhamdulillah and all praise and gratitude be to Allah as 2008 has been a great one to me.

Among the significant ones are:
[1] Get married to my love at first sight. You bikin hati I goncang when I first saw you. :) I'm glad the he's my husband now. and forever...

[2] Honeymoon in Melbourne and that was a blast~~! Gile tak best? Off from works for 3 weeks and joli katak like nobody business over there. Owh, that inclusive the shopping madness that happened as well.

[3] Being happy head over heels when I first found that I'm pregnant. Believe it or not, I did more than 10 pregnancy tests before deciding to see the doctor. Well, I need my own super extra self assurance for that matter. Hihihihi...

[4] Slighhttt increase in my pay. Still it worth every penny. At least giving me some extra allowance to "amek-ini-weng-pegik-sopeng~!" =P

[5] Baby's first kick somewhere early December. I believed there were few other kicks before, but this one is the one that made so sure and went, "Hah~!!" "Hahh~!! Ni lagii" and laughing like mad all alone. Kelakar okeh masa first rasa kick tu. And even more kelakar to see my tummy senget2 or tinggi sebelah. Hihihihi...

[6] Super-crazy-shopping-spree and this happened before getting married to him. Hihihihi...

[7] Had my first Raya (both raya okels?) away from my family. Sniff sniff sniff~~ Okels, that wasn't bad at all because it was my first raya as a wifey too. :)

[8] My cupcakes business blooming well. Alhamdulillah for that... Sorry that I have to put on hold my baby business but I shall resume it back in Jan 09 and again have to temporarily stop for maternity leaves. Hihihihihi.

[9] Settled my one and only credit card bill. Finally okeh~!! Sungguh blisssss...

[10] Just got my new car few hours ago. Hihihihihi...

Well, lets see what my 2009 new year resolutions look like.


Seems like I have none, except keeping the common ones in list. Owh, I wanna be a good mother to our son, fully breastfeed my baby despite whatsoever obstacles may be, have our first family trip with baby and hurmmm, that's already few things to add to the list.

Maybe I need to tone down my shopping activity as to make way for baby's needs. There are whole lot of things to be prepared before the arrival of our little prince. And an endless list need to be taken care i.e. his personal savings, education investment, nanny, insurance and more. After all, I bet my shopping allowance will be cut by half or even worst suspend, at discretion of governor. Sighhh~~

And to maintain cool like I am, now and always. I know there are people out there that are trying hard to burn me out, but well, better luck next time yeah? I tak marah dan tak dak masa nak marah because I don't even know you. Langsong langsong tak kenal and tak ada kena mengena. Feel free to say whatever that you feel like saying because I know, the more you try to hurt me, the more "ada-aku-kesah" will be returned back to you. Panas ke? Maaf takdak aircond di sini. >:P

Aha~! Maybe to have that L to the V bag?? Okels fine, that will definitely be based on Mat Kown's Bajet 2009. Chances are higher if baby comes out in its normal way because I know and 101% sure that there will be an excessive unutilised budget. Lalu apa salah nya belikan L to the V itu kan? But if it happens the other way round, maybe I shall carry forward that elvee to 2010's list. Huhuhuhu,,,,

Okels, seems like my list need some ammendments now, at least to cater the above mentioned items. =P

Last but not least, apologies for all the mistakes that I've done in here.

And again, Salam Maal Hijrah 1430 dan Selamat Tahun Baru 2009.

P/S: Can't wait for our get together agenda tonite~! Amy, Nal, Miju, Gefren Miju, Kasut, Adib, Veron, Tuty, Bae, ZZ, Man, Tasha, tunggu kamiiii the mommy and daddy to be. =P

P/S/S: And can't wait to buy that Pliko P3 this weekend~!


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