Cerita Cuti Saya

Happy New Year~!

Well, I'm still in my new year mood and that owh-indahnya long leaves.

Dush~!!! Double triple dush-dush~!! Reality hits back.

The nice view of shopping malls, sales, foods, Neway KTV, couch, books and nice comfy duvet fades away, and all I can see now on my workstation are pieces of post-it-notes stated on what to do next and things that need to be geared out soon. Gaaaaa, I'm drowning under the pile of overwhelming workload. And it's only 5th Jan now. Sighhhh~~

Sad that I'm still stuck with audit related works despite the 2009, as I was initially thought to have some project based stuff rather than chasing people to resolve their audit issues.

I have so much things to share in here but I don't have the mood to write in here because I don't have the pictures with me. Especially on our new year celebration~! And that was in Bora Asmara, Sg.Penchala. You think that was bored? At least not to me. Hubby and best friends, 3 glasses of orange juice, goodie pack, poco-poco, nice view to watch fireworks, gossips all night long, I think that was great to end my 2008. Except that CikenCop-lupa-punch-and-have-to-reordered-again. *After 40 minutes of waiting.

We had karoake, bowling and movie on the next day. Everything in one row, from morning to mid night~! I think the baby was enjoying himself as well in mummy's tummy as I could feel that solid kicking and punching all day. *Syian baby, you must be very tired that day kan? Hurm, do you think the baby can hear all the sounds from my surrounding? Like clearly hear it?

And we finally bought our baby's stroller and guess what? Kown managed to haggle the price even lower than what was discounted earlier. It's like discount + "kasi kurang lagi, lagi dan lagi". And that was in CHICCO ONE UTAMA. He did that "kasik kurang lagi la tauke" in Mid Valley, for his Nautica watch and he did that again last Saturday. I wonder where he got all the skills especially in well known shopping mall. *Price slashed for about RM500 tau~!

What else?

Owh, I had my monthly check-up at Klinik Kesihatan Gomen last Friday. But I shall write about it in my other entry, later...Aah, I'm having my check-up at two different places; Pantai and Gomen. Well, terlebih rajin kah?

And I followed my husband to his MRSM Langkawi Ansara meeting. Well, definitely I have nothing to do with that Ansara stuff but as so called meeting was held in Rasa Sayang Restaurant, Jalan Yap Kwan Seng, I insisted to follow. You do your meeting stuff, I do my eating agenda. I'm having this seriously damn big appetite now. I could swallow everything from nasi lemak, roti canai, rojak, kerang bakar, juices all in one go.

Okels, that's enough about how I spend my cuti-cuti-hujung-tahun this year. Hope that you have a great ones too especially those who got to spend their time somewhere nicer than KL, somewhere out of town. Bestnyaaa~! My condition doesn't allow me to have that. But I'm still looking forward for our perfect gateway in Feb, maybe in PD? Legend Water Chalets ok tak??


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