Shopping for Baby - Part 1


This is one of the words that I like to spell (infact I love the doing the activity itself).

Who doesn't rite? *provided that we have enough source to spend lah kan.

Want this, want that...
Buy this, buy that...

Not for me but for our little one that will be joining us in 3 months time..

Frankly speaking, as parents to be, we always want the best that we could afford for our baby. Be it the clothings, toys, baby gears, insurance, education and etc, everything has to be purfectt. (especially if this is your first bundle of joy)...The excitement is overwhelming kan?

I never thought that shopping and preparing for baby stuff would give us a great time together~! (except for that damages done). From buying those tiny weeny booties and mittens to big bulky stroller and cot, everything is so much fun. Of course there are times where I have to argue over daddy's ideas especially when he starts referring to his Bajet Tahunan Mat Kown.

"Ni takdak dalam budget plan pun? Takdak apply dalam list pun?" Well you know, those kind of questions that full of why? what? how much? where solid justification is needed.

But there are things that I do re-consider especially on buying baby carrier and car seat. "Doctor kata baby besaq, nak beli jugak carrier ka? Sat gi tak muat ka, pakai sat ka, macam mana?" Okels, fine then, I'll give a second thought on that matter. (Calling for Gerdix: nak bagi baby carrier boleh jugak lah. Sweet Cherry pon tak apa aihh) Hihihihihi~~

And as shopaholic mommy, I tend to buy everything that is stated on the list. Tho I may not need some of the things upon baby's arrival, i.e: ice pack? fridge-to-go? =P The only two things that I seriously don't feel like buying are nursing pillow and playpen. Because many have said that they don't really make use of that pillow and as for playpen, I think it is oversized for that limited space in our room. Still, by dropping these two items from the list doesn't give much impact to daddy's budget-gila-kuasa-mesra rakyat.

Now I need to work on our bedroom layout plan, to make it looks roomy even with limited space available. For sure, a new cupboard (even a small one) to place baby stuff is not an option but I'm thinking to buy this IKEA book shelves in white, at least to coordinate the color and design with existing furnitures.

P/S: Now I know why preggo mommies out there would rather spend their $$ for the baby than to buy own stuff. Anyways, those maternity clothings look horrible. Tak lawo langsong. Not much of maternity clothings that I've bought so far except for Miki maternity pants. Hardly to find one that could at least catches my eyes, if not my heart. Owh and Mothercare maternity briefs & bras that were on sale, if those count.

: : My first online shopping from States. Testing testing 1-2-3 : :

: : Corduroy overall, 50% off : :

: : Sales lagii : :

: : The blankets belas belas ringgit : :

: : 50% items. Hat tu lapan hengget sajo : :


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