24...25...and now 26 weeks

Ramai yang tanya,

"Macam mana skarang, sihat ke?"


"How's your pregnancy going? and the baby?"

Replying to above questions or any others that about the same, I THINK I am doing good. I mean with that frequent visits to malls, be it weekdays or weekends, I think I am doing good. Kuikuikuikui....

No morning sickness to date. No severe backpain (lenguh2 tu biasa lah kot?). No extraordinary cravings like daging-landak-sembelih-malam-jumaat ke hape. But I love eating all the sweet things from chocolates to ice creams, because these sugary products are just yummeh~!

No swollen feet. Heartburn? I am not sure how's the feeling about but I think the answer is no, or maybe I had but just a mild one (rasa bagaimana itu?). I was having this difficulty to sleep because it was hard for me to find the best position to lie on but that was a month or two before. I have no problem to sleep comfortably by now, but definitely not on back-sleeping position, after all that position is not good for the baby and me myself. And I use a small pillow to support my belly and to avoid that tugging sensation.

The best part of all is, I have no strect marks whatsoever~!. Err but that is as to day, as in now. I am not sure what will it be in the next 24 weeks. And I'm not applying any strect marks creams on daily/frequent basis, because I am just lazy. Unless hubby wants give me some special treatment while he's around, then he'll do all the soothing back rubbing, massaging and applying cream.

No itchiness. No breakouts or oily face. Except that my skin can easily gets dry, hence I need to carry the baby lotion all time in my bag.

What else?

Eating is no longer a problem to me now. I can swallow everything for non stop from morning till bedtime, so that explains the tremendous increase on my weight. =P

Mood swing? Not to an extent of transforming myself into monster but it do happen at times, especially when I'm feeling tired and exhausted. Tapi senang penat tu normal lah kan?

All I still doing my daily chores and running errands just like before. Nothing much has changed since I first married to my man of mylife. From preparing breakfast to driving to work, things are just as it is. But I am seriously looking forward for the time to come where Kown will drive me to office so as to fetch me everyday. =P

Tho he tried to help in doing few simple things, i.e, laundry, but there is one thing that I will never ever let him do: LIPAT BAJU. This one is totally gone case. He could have come with all these tigasegi, bulat, bujur folded bajus. Plus, I'm a color coded person, so it has to be fold/hang according to the respective colorline. Hehehheehe......

So, I think I'm having an easy pregnancy kan? Alhamdulillah sangat-sangat untuk nikmat-nikmat ini. *Soft pat on my belly. Thank you baby for not giving me any major problems. But again, everything is just as to date and I can't predict what things will be in the next coming weeks until this little boy say 'hye' to the world. Whatmore the life after that. =P (Kalau pregnant mudah, bersalin nanti macam mana selalunya? Alalalalalalalla~~~)

P/S: Baby sangat punctual untuk waktu kicking. 12pm and 12am confirm akan ektif ber-ektiviti. Waktu-waktu lain dia bergiat separa-cergas only, hanya gerak2 biasa. =P

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