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So, to all mommies-to-be out there, here my short report on my visit to Vision College yesterday.

From scale of 1-10 (worst to excellent), I hereby rated the service at 6.5. Erm, maybe I should just round it up to 7. Point loss on the interior aspect. Hahahahaha. Sorry, because I was expecting to see a place with warm and calm ambience yet all that welcomed me yesterday was a lousy waiting area with gloomy headlights. And no receiptionist. So, I have to wait for about 15 minutes for them to finally come and see me, "yes, may I help you mam?"

Nevermind, I was not doing any spa treatments anyway, so forget about the whole ugly place and at least the sonogram machines impress me more. Wide flat screen, big and clear enough for me to see the whole scanning thing. And most importantly, the sonographer is friendly and talkative and she explained to me every single thing shown on screen. At least it helps me who has no idea in interpreting the 2D and 3D images.

I did both detail and 3D scan altogether (actually I was late in doing the detail scan, as it is good to have it when you're in 19-24 weeks gestational period). And she mentioned that some measurements might not be accurate as baby has already grown as compared to 3-4 weeks before.

But sighhhh, baby was moving actively yesterday and I saw all the kicking, punching, turning and thumb sucking clearly on screen. Sugar high ke hape baby nih? Because I just had my lunchie desert before the scanning. Even the lady said, "Aiyaaa, your boy can't stay still. He keeps moving ahh, from the beginning till now. Very hard lohh to capture the face. See, now he covers the face with hands pulak."

Aihhh la anak, awat sayang ni active sangat? Ah ah, I wanna blame the daddy's genes again. ACTIVE. Tak reti nak duduk bersenang lenang, except when it comes to sleeping time. Itu pon ada mengigau bagai, siap bangun buat aksi lagi. Hihihihii. Owh, now I'm worried if you set your playtime during the wee hours. Please don't do that eyh? Let's tido together-gether..Hihihihihi~~ Exceptional given to boobies time. =P

As of today, what my eyes can see and my mind can conclude is: baby's forehead macam luas, so that follows mama lah kot? Hahahhaha. Small lips, that is just like both mama & ayah. Chubby cheeks, again that is so like mama. =P Other features are still too early to predict. Owh ya, it seems like you inherit daddy's tough hands and legs too. Hohohohohoho~~~

The whole thing cost us RM210; RM150 for detail scan and RM60 for 3D scan. And you'll get a CD consist of scanned images and videos and detail report on your baby condition. To me, it well worth it and having to see our sweetheart on screen, knowing that he's doing great inside me is priceless. =)

But my 2 cents advise:
[1] Drink plenty of water before scanning because it helps to give clearer image on screen.
[2] I don't think doing the scan on the later part of the day is good because it makes me all sleepy especially in that air conditioning room with gloomy lighting, some more in that lying position and tummy full. Well, lunch's after effects. =P So, somewhere along the way I got dreamy and lost track to what the sonographer had explained to me.

I think that's about it. If you think it worth a try, then why not you make a call and set an appointment because most of the time it is fully booked especially on the morning session. I'm thinking of doing it again, maybe in my 30th weeks, just to have another CD of baby's 3D scan. Hhihihi...

Owh lupa pulak, baby's head still dekat atas, most of my scans pon camtu. Seperti tak ada gaya nak pusing bawah jer. Fine lah, if you want to melintang, menegak bagai, and if I have to take you out via window, then window lah. Walaupun ada yang cuba mengatakan all the bads about Csec, helo sapa lah yang nak pilih operate kan? but if I have to pon, blasah lah...After all baby still nak kena keluar jugak kan? Takkan nak ikot mulut macam cerita hantu NoorKumalasari tu kot? Huhuhuhuh....

P/S: People always get excited about first baby, so am I. :)


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