Laporan Bersuka-Ria di Hari Cuti

Sabtu: Sunway Pyramid

Lamanyaa dah tak pegi jalan2 dekat Pyramid, rasa dah dekat setahun kot? Seriesly macam jakun sebab tengok ada kedai yang ofkos lagi best dari dulu...I was like, "wah kedai ni best!", "ha kedaiii ni pun adeee", "haaa yang ni syok-syok.." and more. But I have to remain focus as the main agenda to Pyramid was to meet my girlfriends, to chill out together like we used to before. Otherwise, I would have spent my money unnessasarily over the rows of shops.

So, our girls-day-out (cop, girl ker? nak terberanak dah pun) is meant for updating each other with everyone's latest agenda; kawen-kawen stuff, engagement, Bandung trip, career, boyfriends and such. So much that we wanted to do that day from karaoke, bowling, fish spa to manicure padicure but due to time constraint, we ended up resting our bumps and sore feets and filling empty stomache in JCO Donuts. Well, perhaps that we can have a better plan next time okels girls? :)

Sunday: Home Sweet Home

Spent the whole day curling myself under comfy duvet and hugging my smoochie bolster; Kown darling, thus making myself extremely lazy to be off the bed. I wish we could just spend our Sunday in the room, enjoying each other without having to go anywhere or to do anything, but later in the evening, I had to get myself ready for the AJL and hubby had an appointment to go.

Hurmmm, speaking of the AJL, I think this is one is very much better than those previous ones. And the combination of the emcees was just great (kutuk tak kaver punyaaa). I can't stop laughing on the part that Faizal said, "rambut Ayu ni, dua kali pandang macam Oprah Winfrey pun ada." But seriously, she looks like one jugak lah. Oprah Winfrey version Malaysia. =P

And it was seriously a heart pumping moment while waiting for them to announce whose the next JL as I was hopping up high for not letting it go to Faizal Tahir. And I'm glad that the award goes to MUH. Tho I was never a fan to this indie band but I don't mind for them to win the award. But as for best performance, I mean with all the dancing and singing and boosting energy I think Stacey deserved it most. But yeahh, aku bukan lah juri undangan untuk malam itu.

Last but not least, I can't wait for my appointment with Vision College tomorrow. Hopefully baby will give his best cooperation especially when it comes to the face part. Please give mommy the best face shot tomorrow okels? :)


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