I'm not a techie type person. And that makes me a little bit behind or most of the time slow in getting info on the latest technology available on earth. Especially when it comes to mobile phone, where most people aiming to get the latest piece, the one which is fully loaded with hi-tech functions. Please don't talk to me anything more than 3G, because I just don't now, not even a single bit of it. For all I know, I just need a handphone that can make-receive-calls so as to send/receive smses. Kasihan gile...

No, this is not just yet.

There were times when...

Colleague: Shila, kol kakak A, tanya dia nak makan tak?
Shila: Sowiiii, kredit tadek.
Colleague: Ape la weyyy. AM ape cenggini? Penat kampeni bayor gaji, dah laaa TM. Pegi laa tuka line.
Shila: Tah, macam malas. Hehehehheh. Plus dah guna number prepaid ni sejak zaman dulu kala. Kat 6 tahun ada kot?

So, that's the saddest fact of me being part TM yet still using this Celcom prepaid and handphone which very soon will go kaput.

Yeah, I'm one lazybump who could not make a little effort to change my number into postpaid. So, what's more to spend some amount of my RM to buy this new sleek-look handphone that is quipped with better functios. Don't care maaa, so long people can reach me, anytime anywhere, fine lah kan?

Despite of all the apa-la-weyyy-pakai-prepaid, macam-budak-skolah, kedekut-ke-haper and etc,still I am one happy prepaid user with my handphone berlubang. =P

: : Nampak kah lubang itu? Malas tukar casing baru. Huhuhuh : :

Last but not least. My baby bump at 27 weeks and soon will reach my 7 months check point. Tho both my doctors mentioned that "baby-is-potentially-big" and baby weight at 950g as of 25 weeks, I don't think that my belly reflects the same. Because most of the time, people will say, "Tak nampak ponn perut. Kecik je?" And yes, I agreed with the saids. I wonder how this little boy positioned himself inside mummy's womb. ;)

And will update more on my weekend activities next time....


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