Mamy Poko Yang Murah

My weekend was bored except for the "shopping-for-baby" part. Again? Well, the word baby seems to be my current biggest excuse to shop in the mall. I can simply go, "owh, ni belum ada, kena beli" or "ha ni ada dalam list neh" but don't worry, I didn't practically buy everything in this whole wide world for our little man. There are things that I just opt to skip from buying. But well, at least I can do a little shopping tho the things bought are not mine.

In fact kan, buying those little cute things is much more fun than to buy my own clothings (at this point of time) because most of the time I ended up frustrated
not being able to find the right size to fit my pregnant body. And neither I can
buy shoes because of the comfort and style issues. Handbag is off topic because I know that I have enough of it, for NOW.

Back to the baby's stuff, we managed to get 90% of the list striked and it finally gives us some space to breath because all this while we've been sticking to the budget very strictly. Every time nak joli-joli, kena pikir 2 kali sebab barang baby tak settle lagi. But now, if I were to stray a littttleeee bit from the original plan, I think it won't cause a huge damage to us. :)

And the best of all, we bought the Mamy Poko packs at discount~! I think I always have luck in getting things at cheaperrr price. Bukan sikit2, tapi betul2 murah. I bet it was the grumpy-cashier who mistakenly punched the discount button, thus giving us the big saving for the day. And we only realised the whole "gile-murah-neh!" when I was doing the random audit on all receipts,in the car, on the way back home. Shishh, seriously if I were to know it earlier, I would have bought more and keep the packs as stocks. Mamy Poko Newborn, 52pcs, RM27.80 and Mamy Poko Jumbo Pack size S, 72pcs, RM41.50. Bukan stock clearance sebab manufacturing date semua January 2009. Of course you can get it way cheaper during the warehouse sale but I'm talking about buying it in baby departmental store.

I have one question here:
Baby-Boy-yang-BF tukar pampers berapa kali sehari? I mean, advisable berapa jam sekali tukar? Ker everytime poo-poo and wee-wee have to change? Ke every 4 hours? Ke macam mana?

I need to do the math to see whether the diaper packs are really sufficient to be used during my confinement period, because I seriously doubt that daddy will able to restock it on time and correctly. =P

: : 30 going 31 weeks : :

: : Our little sweetheart is growing fast now and before eyes. Tibe2 bangun tido, rasa macam perot lagi besar dari malam semalam... : :

: : Kown said, "I'm in my 2nd trimester. How about you? Sadly, my baby doesn't want to come out and its already years been residing inside my tummy..." Kuikuikuikui : :

: : With the extremely extra weightage that I'm carrying, alhamdulillah that I don't have swollen fingers... : :

: : ...and no swollen feets...But I'm not sure if it comes in the later part of my pregnancy...Hhuhuhu : :

: : Mission almost accomplished~! : :


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