Antenatal Class: Prenatal Exercise

Sesungguhnya, saya sudah bertukar menjadi Monster. Or Shrek. Kaler biru hijau sumer dah keluar. Finally turned myself into Raksasa Gorgon yesterday morning, mengamuk pagi-pagi for no reason. And to make thing worst, is my neverending workload. Sighhh..

But I think, I can still manage the work bit much better than to control my own rollercoster feelings. Owh please hormones, please get back to your normal state because I hate to start my day being emo, but seriously I can't help it.

Unfortunately, I can't always have chocolates and shopping as my soul saver everytime I feel down or stress because I know, that will just lead to another problem. Chocolates: I have more than enough excess kilos on me and I don't need any extra. Moving towards the end of pregnancy, I should avoid myself from consuming more of sinful sugary products everyday, tidak bagus ini. Shopping: This will probably turn Kown into Bapak Raksaksa Gorgon because well, shopping may cause a hole his bajet gila kuasa mesra rakyat, which of course the later one is worst.

Fine lah, at least weekend is not that far away from now...and the fact that tomorrow is Friday has cooled down me a little bit...

Owh, I'm supposed to write on my 2nd antenatal class but it seems that I have nothing much to share in here. Because first, I didn't jot down anything during the class thus I can't remember every important bit that I learnt during the class. Second, how am I suppose to write a notes on senaman-senaman-ibu-mengandung? Jenuh melambak steps nak kena tulis... =P

But the trainer did mentioned that pregnant ladies should take good care of their postures and movements they made. Proper sitting position, correct way to lift heavy thing from floor, breathing techniques, massage strokes, few exercises and most importantly, how to relax yourself during contraction. She highlighted that every mother-to-be should welcome the contraction rather than to push it away and get stress about it. Because that means baby is coming out very soon... :)

The thing that I love most during this session is the relaxation part. Lights off, soothing music on and we were asked to relax ourselves (mommies only) in any way we like and we comfort most. But you know what, the moment she turned the lights on, it was the daddies who slept and off to lala-land. Luckily, it was not a very long session to let daddies snooze and snore. =P

One interesting fact: Erra & Emran was in the class too~! Erra Fazira. Okeyh, she is so damn gorgeous. And pweeettyyy. And tall (or maybe I'm taller because she wore heels whilst me on my flipflop). And I was amazed by her physical appearance that she just looks normal and not ballooning herself into one like me. Kuikuikuikuikui...Maybe I should go, "Boleh kite amek gambar tak?" on the upcoming class. Hihihihi ;)

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