Antenal Class: Breastfeeding

I registered myself for the antenatal programme organised by PMC and like I mentioned in this post, the class is divided into five sessions. So, the first session is about breastfeeding and it touches every important points that parents-to-be need to know, from the benefits (especially the financial aspect) to methods of bf to video show. At least it gives a better view to everyone, especially daddies, on how important this whole bf thing. And to me personnally, husband plays a vital role in making thing success. Sadly, my husband wasn't there but nvm, I'll make sure that he reads my notes and I'll explain to him about the whole process later. Anyway husband, apology accepted sebab I dah pergi "amik-ini-wang-pergi-sopeng". =P

According to the Lactation Consultant (LC), breastfeeding is a one simple task as compared to bottle-sterilise-bancuh-susu thing. She said, "Once you get the gist of it, everything will just be wonderful and marvellous". Is it? That easy, really? Definitely a lot of real-training and practical need to take place before getting that gist thing kan?. Owh, please give me the strength to go through this and hopefully I can be my baby milkbar longest possible. 2 years max la kot? Wahhhh, tinggi hangan aku neh.

The LC said, if your husband ask, "Can you do this honey?", your reply should be this: "That's why God created boobies. Not for you but for the baby". Huarghh huarghh huarghh.

She mentioned that baby girl and baby boy has different style of suckling. "Baby girl suckle just like a little princess, slow, soft and steady...but baby boy, I tell you, they gonna give you this trauma nipple experience. Baby boy is just like a little monster where the 'ngap' the whole boobies before you could even latch properly, and that makes the mother screaming on and on..." Owh mine, baby boy serakus itu kah? Ngeri I macam neh...

And there was this guy asking, "Can husband do the stimulation?" So the LC answered, "By all means go ahead. Of course you can do that. But it is not advisable as I doubt that it will lead to another baby~!" Kuikuikuikuikui....

And there was a case happened in Pantai where this husband didn't allow his wife to breastfeed their baby on reason, "I don't want to share the boobies as both are solely mine.." Sound so pentingkan-diri-punya-bapak. The wife didn't have any choice but to follow the husband order. And somehow, the God is Great and to prove that boobs are created for babies, their baby is lactose and soya intollerant. After so much hospitalisation, in and out due to digestion and allergy problems, the husband had to surrender and make way for the baby to breastfeed on mommy. *Gile keji kalau laki macam nih. Saiko tahap gaban.

Now, I would love to share some of the main points that I jotted down during the class:
1. Do exclusive breastfeed for minimal 6 months.
2. Big NO to pacifier/bottle/teat as this could lead to nipple confusion. But to me, this is one's own choice and I believed everyone has their own personal reasons of giving pacifier to the baby.
3. Bf should take place in average of 8-12 times in 24 hours.
4. Types of breastmilk: colostrum, preterm milk and mature breastmilk.
5. Your milk supply is highly depending on baby's suckling, not on how big your boobies are. Hihihihi. And LC said that mothers should not be worried about flat/small boobies or inverted nipples, because baby is not suckling on nipple but the areola area.
6. For the first three days, the bf length time should not be very long and it will normally be 10 minutes for each side, right and left. This is because your breast is not producing enough milk as yet and what most important here, is to let the baby suckle as this will stimulate for greater demand later.
7. Lactating mothers need 500cal extra in their daily meals. 3 main meals + 4 healthy snacks in between. Healthy as in wholemeal biscuits, sandwiches, yoghurt not the potato chips or whatsoever. =P
8. You don't have to give extra plain water to the baby if you bf the baby, because breastmilk contained enough water for the baby needs.
9. Normally, areola will have 5-7 opening for the milk to spurt out.
10. The dots around areola are the milk glands.
11. During the bf session, put off the mittens from your baby and let she/he holds on the breast. Because this special touch will help in stimulating more milk too.
12. Wait for baby to open his mouth as large as he can, then only you latch on 3/4 of areola (make sure the baby is somewhat pouting) and remember, baby is not suppose to suckle on the nipple.
13. If you have a lot of milk, you areola will become harder.

Enough la kot? Esok2 if I berjaya, maybe I can write more about it. As for now, I pun baru tau the theory part and yet to go for the practical in two months time. =P Tho some people said, "Baca ajee tak samaaa. Bukan senang nak bagi susu badan ni..." Well , I know and I get the point clearly but at least with some readings and info, you can expect what and how things will happen kan?

To me, this breastfeeding talk is definitely worth to go and hopefully the other remaining sessions will be as informative as this and perhaps more excitement too. :)

Below pictures were taken during my soul-searching activitiy, demi mengubati hati yang lara dan emosi dan tak tentu hala. Watched Bride Wars movie, sinful chocolate treat at Theobroma Chocolate and s.h.o.p.p.i.n.g. Ahhh, sekarang hati sudah tenang. =P

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