36 weeks~! =)

Today marks my 36 weeks of pregnancy. Which means only 29 days more to go. =)

But my instinct says that baby won't be coming out anytime before April 10th. And surprisingly, I can still drive to places (well, mainly office and malls, hihihi) and do other chores as usual. I thought I gonna turn up myself into one lazy mammoth by now, feeling so heavy thus not being able to do any single thing. But glad that I am not. *Amy dengan Nal kata: "Shila dah 9 bulan? Laju gile jalan~!" Hehehehhe...

What do I feel now?

Eksaited is what I feel most now. And mixed feelings of anxious, worried and scared altogether but that is not so much for now, but I bet the level will increase over time as the signs kicking in.

With few weeks left, I need to ensure that everything stated in the list cleared and done.

1. Baby cot @ Subang Jaya
2. Arrange baby bedding set
3. Wash baby cloths
4. Pack hospital bag
5. Pack baby bag
6. Amway confinement set
7. Kemas bilik (change bedsheet, change towel, vacum carpet, arrange stuff) done it last week, tapi kena buat lagi sekali dekat2 EDD nanti.
8. Confirm confinement nanny
9. Babysitter
10. Air/minyak selusuh
11. Pedicure/Manicure
12. Trim, wash and blow
13. Facial
14. Spend my Metrojaya cash vouchers before March 28th
15. Clinique makeover anytime early April
16. Chanel makeover on 28th March 2009, Pavilion

: : Pointy kan? : :

: : Sedap woh~! Kalau dapat everyweek memang best : :

: : Sudah kilat-kilat kan : :


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