An email was circulated last Friday with regard to above mentioned item. I should be jumping up and down by now, but no, as I preferred to hold that "Yeayyy-Yeahhhh" till this Friday when the amount is credited into my account for real. Everything now is just based on system, which you know, the Company might have rated me wrongly (kot-kot I am not even entitle for a single cent of it). Hehehehheheh.

But for now,

All I have to say is Alhamdulillah...Mungkin rezeki baby kot? =)

Tapi kan,

Kalau nak guna secebis rezeki anak itu untuk di bawah ini boleh?

I was busy sms-ing my husband about works just now, and on the 4th text msg that I sent to Him, I told the good news so as to convey my intention of getting new bag (as shown in the picture). Eyh no, I told Him that I wanted to buy Elvee at first. =P Teros dia tak reply my sms okeh. Ok Abang, I know you akan murka for another piece of junk called handbag.

Seriously can't wait for this coming Friday, and the day before for the pay day and slighttt increment. =)

*Tapi bag ni boleh beli kat Ebay je la kot? Ke ada sumber-sumber lain?


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