Sepetang Bersama Mat Kown

Ada orang nak lepas gian...

Tapi kaver line cakap, "Nak kena practice ni, dah lama tak practice..."

Yeahh right, as if I don't know the underlying agenda behind the scene.

The rain was pouring down heavily and driving back home was the best option for us rather to get ourselves stuck in the bad traffic. But, instead of doing so, you happily drove the car heading to KLGCC, Bukit Kiara.

Yeahh, practice di kala hujan lebat?? To me, itu adalah melepas gian okels baybeh?

Anyway, you are married to a really nice woman who willingly to teman you for the 300 balls session while she did nothing but to sit and see the nice view of green golf course. Okels, you owe me one Toffee Nut Crunch now.

: : Yo bro, bola masih di situ. Agagaggagagaga~~!! : :

: : Jauh pukul bola yer bang? Heh, ada kat blakang tu. Kuikuikui : :

: : Sincerely from your wife =P : :


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