Masih Di Sini

Helo Darlings~! I'm still here. Alive and survive.

Baby still doesn't want to come out. And how my body going to start on labor is still not known. The most common reason that I got from families and friends is this: "Tuh lah, makan sedap-sedap lagi. Baby memang takmo kuar punya. Ada lagi tu dia nak makan..."

Already drank half a bottle of air selusuh and done tremendous amount of walking (just as everyone knows) and still, baby is nesting comfortably inside mommy's womb. But I can feel my tummy is slightly heavier down and at times, it will be a little bit of painful for me to move around. Walking is fine but sleeping is one hell problem to me now. I just told myself to bear with it because I believe it won't be any longer now, especially after having that reassuring statement from the doctor: baby already in the position to come out. But again, it always a matter of time. Bila kah nya??

And sorry husband, your hypothesis of having the baby son on your birthday is no longer valid. My birthday? There's still a slight chance of it before 11.59PM tomorrow. =P

Husband is on leave today. So, I'm planning to have one last round of jalan-jalan-cari-makan and wallop everything that my throat feels like having. But no worries, it won't be ones from fine dining restaurant because the current on top of the list now is AYAM PENYET.

Please pray for me, for a safe delivery anytime soon... *Angkat tangan doa jap. Any tips are welcome. I will try to update this blog as frequent as I can, if internet permits. Well knowing the super sipot cam kura-kura Streamyx, nothing much can be done on it. Buat stress aja. And still in the midst of considering husband to update this blog on my behalf, because I'm worried he might come with his own cerita penglipur lara that is full of exegerate stuff. Hihihihihi....

Anyway, despite of all above, I have this feeling/sense/instinct that our son will just choose his birthday and pop out without giving prior notice to parents-in-waiting. Ala-ala seprais je cam tu. =P

Dah, mak bonda nak pi make-up2 and nak ajak ayahanda pi jalan-jalan tambah berat badan. Orang kata, gemok berjemaah. Agagagagagaga~~


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