Senang cerita, macam ni lah...

I was 2cm dilated as of Tuesday but I'm not sure on the opening as of now, after completing my tawaf widak at The Curve & Ikano. Hihihihihi....

And I didn't expect that to happen because I'm not having any contractions as yet except the tighten sensation on my tummy. And I'm fine with it because it is not painful. Yeayyy okeh? Tapi not sure when one of the three major labor signs gonna kick in.

Dr.Idora wanted to admit me into the hospital immediately last night but my husband (note: because he is KOWN) persuaded her to hold on everything until Thursday morning. Which is tomorrow. "Malam ni saya ada kerja, malam esok pun saya ada kerja, hari Kames boleh?"

Hurmmm, who is the one going into labor neh? I was confused for seconds that time. Kuikuikuikuikui. But knowing my husband, who is one step less busy than prime minister, fine lah. So long that he will be around during the whole agenda, from the admission process to cutting umbilical cord to azan and etc, I am fine with Thursday.

So, since I did not have regular contractions as yet, even mild ones that come and go, and cervix dilated on its own, my gynea said that it should be owh-kay for me to go home as he wished.

So, that's about it for now. Will update more on the progress tomorrow live from Pantai Delivery Room. Aha, it seems that I am going to celebrate and spend my whole birthday on hospital bed~! My cousin said, "Once in a lifetime experience"... Yeahh, but you never know Kown because he might have planned for one straight line of April babies.

Tadi siang nak make-up2, skarang nak pi tempek Avocado Clay Mask pulak. Because I'm not sure when will it be next for me to have all the self pampering stuff after this.


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