4 days without Suami...

...starting today...

I'm not sure on how our next 4 days will turn out to be, but I pray hard, may everything will be OK.

My only worry is: Will I be able to deal on Adam's needs; milky-milky-mommy and poo-poo altogether in the same time, at 3AM in the morning? Without husband to help me on "sile-pegang-kaki-Adam-sebab-dia-suka-tendang" OR "sile-pegang-tangan-Adam-kalau-tak-dia-cakar-my-nottobementioned"?

Adam is one easy baby, he rarely cried for nothing, he demands milk on every 3 hours period and he sleeps well too. But he is dracumilk as he can grab his milkbar immediately without having me to offer him or tickle his lips, hence I have to be extra careful on every feeding time to avoid the crack nips and scratches on my b***ies. Ala2 gaya terkam tak sempat baca bismillah macam tu... =P

And yes, I still owe you one more entry on the delivery process and stuff. But many thanks to my husband for the two hilarious entries which I bet most people having fun reading on it. So as the few lines; you have touched my heart, that is so sungguh suwitt...

Better get going, I need to take my bath now before Adam wakes up and demands for his milk and nappy change. Both my mom and hubby is not around, so I need to arrange things accordingly so that it will flow nicely, in a calm manner. =)

*Breath in, breath out*. Hopefully, first night without Ayah around will turn out fine. I have to trust myself and do things with confidence, because I'm a mom. Sure can do it mehhh~!!

: : Lullaby goodnight : :

: : 3am rescue man : :

: : Ayah before leaving. Please come home early eyh?, if possible : :


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