The Birth Story - Part 1

Hello lovelies~!! Sorry for the long silence on a reason that you know why. =) Life has been hectic over the past two weeks and going more but I'm glad, that I survive~! Everyday now is fully occupied with Adam this, Adam that and I think it's normal for every new mommy. The only me time that I have now is around 2pm to 5pm but again, Emil-Emilda-and-Upik-Abu-Dan-Laura-and other TV series caught my attention. =P *Gile indah dapat tengok tv, selalu time camni menggelupur depan PC dekat ofis. Hihihihi...

So, without further due, here's my own entry on Adam's birth story. Take your own sweet time to read this and my apology in advance for the lengthy version ya. ;)

14 April 2009
Tuesday marked my 39 weeks of pregnancy and still, none of the three major labor signs has knocked the door. And as far as I remember, I was not having any contractions as to date. Or maybe there were few mild ones and those happened without me noticing it. But I was having this stomach tightening since week 35 but nothing severe about it. To me, that was just uncomfortable as I felt like a full blown baloon. =P

But getting into 39 weeks without having a slight sign or instinct that baby is coming out soon really stressed me out. I know that I should be thankful for my easy chapters of pregnancy; but not having any signs at all has made me: "Lama lagi laaa ni nak beranakk..." And my weight keep shooting on and I was just few steps away from hitting 100KG. Serious babes, no kidding.

I did everything to get myself into labor, from tremendous amount of walking to drinking air selusuh, air zam-zam to eating kurma nabi to mintak ampun dan maaf selamat hari raya with husband and so on. Still, nothing happened as yet.

Nevertheless, I was having a sleeping problem thus making me sleepless for days since week 38th. And I cried for this. My bedtime can be as early as 10pm but I will be wide awake in the next 6 hours time. With the super sipot internet connection and husband doozing happily next to you, this situation was seriously stressing me out.

And I was having mild headache this morning and I told Kown that I was extremely tired with all my sleepless nights. And he replied me, "Good, practice practice. Nanti baby ada esok senang..." But upon seeing me crying this morning, he gave a second thought of taking me to the doctor. Tau takot kan...And the visit to Dr.Idora's clinic had brought up some light as I knew that labor will not be that far away now. I was 2cm dilated already~! And she asked whether I want to be admitted by tonight but of course my answer is no, tho I was looking forward for this whole labor process start in.

Because I still have few things pending at home mainly assembling our little prince cot. And I need to do the two weeks ironing work for my husband as I know, I will not be able to do it later. Kown tau iron baju, tapi saya selalu tak puas hati dengan tahap peng-iron-nan dia, and saya kesian kalau dia kena iron baju sendiri. I'm a good wife. Ok, self praise is no praise.

Anyway, we decided to admit into Pantai on Thursday. 16 April 2009. Which was on my birthday~!

16 April 2009
Arrived at PMC and headed straight to labor suite for admission. We were greeted by the midwife and later she asked to get everything on me off. In the fugly green hospital gown, they attached me to the CTG machine for monitoring purposes. While doing that, my husband went down to settle the registration, guarantee letter and other stuff. Basically, at this point of time, nothing much had happened and CTG reading showed that I was having only mild contractions. I settled myself by reading Ujang after Ujang while waiting for the 2 hours monitoring session to end. Gosh! It was totally uncomfortable as I didn't know how to position myself with the cord wrapped around my bulging belly.

Husband? Happily dozed off into lala land.

Midwife did the tablet insertion to induce labor and it was not that painful but quite uncomfortable for moment. Owh great that I forgot to tell the nurse that I need to pee, so badly, and unfortunately I was not allowed to do so after the procedure. She will only detached the cords and let me go for my toilet trip on the next two hours~! So, can you imagine how hard the situation was for me, to stand the I-need-to-pee-NOW in two hours, when a mother-to-be like me normally do half and hour visit to the loo? Saket jiwa atas katil sekejap. I had my lunch, chicken chop and that was done without drinking any amount of water. Or else I'll pee right away on the hospital bed.

Finally got my pass to stand and walk to the toilet. Gile bahagia to be released from the machine you know.

Dr. Idora came in and did the routine vaginal examination and she was happy with my progress as I have dilated to 3cm. Errr, 3cm je tapi? Helloooo Shila? She's the doctor and she knows better on estimating opening and such. So, please be happy too with the current progress stated okels. And she told my husband that insyaallah, at the rate that I was going, baby will probably come out earliest by late nite or latest by tomorrow morning.

At this point of time, contractions reading on the machine was about 20 to maximum 75. But I didn't know how to read the digital stuff as the machine didn't produce any chart for me to at least look over the diagram. Everything was monitored from the midwives room where they have number of monitors just like a CCTV control room. hihihihi.

Again, contractions were present but bearable, everything was just good and alhamdulillah as I was not in distress. So, until 15 minutes before 8pm, nothing much happened and all I did was sitting and wandering in boredom. And intermitten sleeps.

Finally felt the sharp pain contractions and I kept telling myself to welcome the intense and overlapping ones. Because that means our much awaited little prince will be here soon.

Contractions more intense and stronger and definitely increasing in rate. Now I started to ouchhh! owww!! aaaaa!! because it was seriously painful. Finally I knew how it feels. I tried not to act panic and to remain calm because I didn't want my husband to get panic too on my sudden pain. I started to monitor the interval of every pain that came in and seriously there was no interval in between but a constant increased to a rate that is no longer bearable.

Dr.Idora came to check for the opening again, so as to break my waterbag~! She flashed her happy smile and said that she was happy to see the progress as I dilated to 4cm. I felt relief because at least there was a wee-bit of improvement in the cervix opening rather than to stay static at 3cm because I already pictured myself to be in labor for 24 hours (thank you Allah that it didn't happen that way). And in the midst of our chit chatting about cervix opening, contractions and whatnot, I saw the nurse handed in the doctor one longggg white stick which I believed use to break the waterbag. Bingo~! Everything happened in seconds and all I could feel then was hot water flowing between my leg.

And she reminds me (in a nice way) that labor pain will increase in no time and I should ask for my happydural if I can't stand the pain, because she really needs me in the next few hours for the pushing works. =)

In most cases, doctor always right. It was only 30 minutes into the ordeal and I was seriously thinking of happydural to take pain away. I try to hold on the pain but as it getting stronger, I started to lost my grip on my own strength. Writhing in pain, I requested for my happydural immediately. Fortunately, anaesthesiologist was just next door doing the procedure and I was number four in line for the happy jab that night. I knew that I already given up to the normal delivery the moment I requested for epi and I knew that epi is highly possible for making push-push-works harder and difficult and may set me up for csection, BUT the pain to me is hell painful. So give me the dosage~! Seriously I felt like to poo and pee altogether and I made a few trips to the toilet hoping to clear the business, only to know that "sweetie, you don't need to poo, that's your baby head coming down dear" said the midwife.

Anaesthesiologist came in to do the epidural procedure. I was put on the upright sitting position and later were asked to bent down a bit and to hug a pillow in order to add more comfort. Personally the whole procedure wasn't that painful,
again as decribed and told by others (especially when it comes to the long needle), but to me that was just a bit of pedih and fine as it tooks away all the pains that I was having. In few minutes time, both legs were getting hot and later numb until I couldn't feel my lower body. So when they asked me to move, I was like errr, "Mana kaki eyh?" "Badan takat mana nih". Bahagia gileee. I was like a new person the moment happydural kicked in and finally relaxed and enjoyed myself to another world, despite of having stuck in bed, hooked to the drip and catherer in and tape on my back.

The nurse has detailed me with the after effect that I may/may not feel due to the jab and one thing for sure, I was wayyyy drugged up and shivered like a drug addict. So, to overcome that, I decided to sleep until the epi starts to slow off slowly just before labor.

But doctor reminded me that if I feel even a slight pain on the vjj area, I should immediately change from my sleeping position to sitting upright for about half and hour time before I off to bed again. And she warned me not to sit only when the pain has increased and getting stronger because if such happened, they would need to top up another dosage of epi on me. Ok dokter,arahan di-ingati.

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