The Birth Story - Part 2

17the April 2009
I ter-woke up due to the slight pain on the vjj area while all other parts of my lower body were still numb. I called for the nurse to help me with the sitting as my husband wasn't around in the labor suite. But after three pressing on the button, still no one coming in and I decided to call for my husband (hence disturbed his late night nasi-kari-ayam dinner). Husband arrived shortly (dengan tangan kari tak basuh) to rescue his wife from getting additional dosage of epi.

Later, the midwife came in to perform routine VE and suprisingly she said, "No you don't need any extra dosage because you are ready to deliver now"

I was dumbfounded. So fast mehhh dilated to 10cm? Haven't we just started with happy jab? The tablet inserted into me must be very effective, thus making my contractions progressing very well and no additional drip needed in order to speed the process.

My husband who was doing his big business in the toilet pon, "Dah nak beranak keeee??" and I knew that he was a bit of kelam kabot because he hasn't perform his solat isyak and solat hajat as planned. So while the nurses put me on set and into position to push, he performed his prayers immediately. *and tengah Kown doa solat hajat, nurse pulak dok caiyok caiyok asking me to practice pushing slowly so my baby will head down a little bit more. Imagine one part with nurse preparing for labor stuff, one part with husband performing his prayers and the other part with nurse and me practicing to push. Gile kalut macam Pochukang dalam labor suite tu.

Doctor came in and I bet she must have lived very closed to the hospital as she made it there in 15 minutes time. She hold my legs and asked me to start pushing in a count of 10. I push with all my might and my conserved energy eventhough I hadn't even had the faintest urge to pust, yeah due to that epi. I can't even locate where my lower body is.

They were like a cheering team that is highly supportive and continuously saying these to me, "good girl~! a little bit more~!!" "go go!! you can do it!!" "everything is just here, do it harder girl!!!" Well, its the strength that plays the vital role here in pushing the baby out. After numbers of pushing and few breaks in between, with Kown holding one hand and doctor and nurses underneath me, I took one deep breath, hold it and with all my might I push the baby out.

Adam Haris Bin Mohd Fakhruddin came into the world at 1.50am, 17th April 2009, weighing 3.5kgs. Our healthy and beautiful baby boy.

Kown and I had a happy tears the moment doctor put him on my chest and definitely, that was our first family moment together. Adam is the greatest gift to us and the moment when we first touched and kissed him was immeasurable and remarkable. And the first moment when I talked to Adam, looked into his eyes and he stared back at me, is precious and beautiful.

I saw the true happiness in my husband and I'm glad that I'm the chosen one. I couldn't have done it without my fantastic husband: Kown and all my gratitude to Allah Almighty for giving us this precious bundle of joy. One thing for sure,my life is complete now. Everything is just perfect. serene. and beautiful.

Later, the nurse took Adam from me and placed him under the warmer while my doctor completing her job with the placenta and sewing me up. Don't ask me on how many stitches did I get in getting the baby out because I didn't dare to ask, and for that, I managed to settle my unsettled business immediately few hours after delivery without knowing what was really happened down there. =P And I did it amazingly (and yakin boleh discharge). Hehehehe....

Alhamdulillah that both my pregnancy and delivery process was easy in a way that I didn't face much problem and I didn't go for long labor too.

Thank you lovelies for all the warm wishes and prayers, may Allah blessed your life with prosper and happiness too. ;)

To my husband, I don't have one perfect word to describe you as my lifetime soulmate but one thing for sure, my love for you is unlimited till the end of mylife. Thanks for being there for me, from the first day I met you (that was 8 years ago~!) and glad that I am married to you. And yeah, many thanks for entertaining my dearie blog readers with your 2 episodes of labor story which also burst me into tears (and laughed out loud jugak~!).

So now people, you know how my husband is rite? Following to that, he wants me to share this blog with him too. Mana bleyy, ini blog pompan2 la Abang... =P

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