Aqiqah Adam Haris

Perkara sunat dalam menyambut kelahiran bayi:

1. Azan dan iqamah
2. Memberi nama
3. Tahnik
4. Cukur rambut
5. Aqiqah
6. Khatan

Alhamdulillah, we have done five out of six items mentioned above. One that still pending is khatan as we planned to circumcise him when he reaches the age of 8 or 9 years old. Ayah wants his son to have a childhood memory of huwaaa-saket-nya-kena-sunat! =P

Definitely azan and iqamah were done earlier in the labor room shortly after Adam was born. As for the name, we have decided on Adam since we first knew that I was carrying a boy. Since then, we always called the baby by the name chosen and finally decided on Adam Haris in my 36th week of pregnancy. The name was officially registered when Adam was 5 days old.

I always want my children to have a simple name and for which I don't have to create another nickname for him/her. Unlike the daddy who likes to create all sort of crappy names that ever exist in the universe, and the best example here is NALMANJURON. Fortunately, dengan petunjuk and kaf-ba-ra-kaf-alif-ta-nun, keberkatan dari Yang Di Atas, we compromised and settled for good name for our baby, Adam Haris.

Adam: Nama Nabi, Ikutan, Tauladan
Haris: Pemelihara

As for tahnik, cukur rambut and aqiqah, all three was done on last Saturday at my parents' place. It was a simple event but much to our relief that things ran smoothly as planned. Takdak lah nak berendoi, berbuai bagai so as no baju melayu glemer for Adam. What most important to us is to get what ever needed done accordingly, soonest possible and not any later. Tho yang afdal itu 7 hari...

Adam slept all the way throughout the event hence making thing easy for everyone to cut his hair. And he is no longer a little rockstar with long hair and but more like a man who just got into a wrong hairsalon; hair with patches here and there. Kurang sikit dah pakej kehenseman anak Mama ni...Anyways, soon he will turn into little bald and beautiful baby as we have yet to get a person who knows how to cut and shave the remaining hair. Tadek bidan dekat sini, nak bawak gi kedai macam saspen je pulak...

And as usual, we did the berkat on our own with the help of my Cik Kiah team. ;)

As for the rest, let our pictures do the talking... =)

: : Proses membuat berkat : :

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