Buta Kayu

...on Facebook.

Even if I try hard by any means not to admit it, still the fact is written: I am Facebook illiterate. I created the account because everyone else did the same. And I don't want to get left behind and at least, if anyone ever asked me for the FB account, I can simply answer: "Yeahh, sure I have one".

But that's about it. And it takes me ages to approve requests. Sorry!!

I still don't get the fun part of having FB, like everyone else does. Except on being busybody clicking on everybody's photos.

But having stuck in hospital bed while waiting for Adam to pop out, gave me an opportunity to browse my own FB and to do whatever needed. Especially on approving and accepting requests. I know people must be saying, "gile kerek takmo accept request" but sorry to say that you are totally wrong. Just face the fact that one of your friend here is buta facebook.

I know there's a lot of facebookers in here, so I need your little help in making my FB better, at least in my own view.

1. What the hell is all the requests about? Except friends requests. What can I do about it, any points? Is that a game or what?

Example: Send-a-salad request? What do I get on accepting it?

2. How to tag photos on FB? Sorry, I am extremely lazy to do the try-and-error thingy, in fact, I don't have time for that. So get straight about it.

3. Is there any ways to simplify the profile page? I found it very messy with so many boxes on the left pane.

4. And please tell me, what so fancy about this whole FB? Except on connecting with people worldwide. Or on having your CEO, CFO, GM and all the big names in your friend list. =P

Beyond catching up with people and updating self-bizibodi-disk (like "owh dia dah kawen!", or "dah ada anak dah dia niii", or "seksi nya diaa, kayanya diaa" and stuff), I still don't find why FB is so interesting, mostly on all the virtual stuff like virtual invitations, virtual hugs and kisses & yadaa yadaa yadaa. I mean, it would be better and most satisfy me if I can poke people for real. =P Or get a cup of Starbucks drink for real. ;)

No offence people, especially if you find FB amused in so many ways. It's me trying to find my way so that I can be on the same track and view like you did. (Read: still in denial that I am buta FB) Sighhh....


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