End of Confinement

Finally babes! Finally! My confinement period is coming to its end, on this coming Sunday. Then after, I'll be free again, like it used to be before. Except on our new addition in the house. Seriously I'm glad that everything will be over very soon. And one thing for sure that will make me think twice, no thrice, for another baby is the confinement period. Not the pregnancy. Neither the delivery process. Confinement it is.

It is not an easy job for a first timer like me, to do everything from morning to evening on my own (or at least until my mom came back from school, which normally be at 4pm). Feeding. Crying. Getting cranky. Changing nappy. Bathing. I have to do everything on my own, so just imagine how hard it is for me to juggle. And only if I'm lucky that my cousin will come over to help on Adam needs. Taking care my own needs is a different matter altogether. (Mandi, makan, barut, tungku, jamu bagai semua entah ke mana. Ikut mana yang sempat.) So, macam mana nak kurus kan? Agagagaggaga....

Even so, I don't mind at all as long as Adam is in good care at all time.

Celah mana nak sapu serbuk peramping, nak ikat barut, sebab baru buat separuh pinggang, itu anak dah menangis mahu didukung.

I know that I am fat now and definitely oversize compared to what I was before. And I noticed the overshaped parts and I realized all the hardworks that need to be done in order to get back into my Levi's jeans. Even if it was my mistake, that I walloped everything in the universe like there will be no tomorrow during my pregnancy, it does not entitle you the right to come and pinch my extra fat and said, "gemoknya kau shila" or "dulu kurus. tak diet ke?" or "ni makan nasi sepinggan, hurmm mana nak kurus nyaaa". I wish I could shout out loud the big F word and whack their face there and then. Unfortunately, I can't. And pitty me, I have to swallow all the mean words for quite a few times already.

I don't have time to explain to them, the mean people, that I'm eating for Adam. That I need to maintain my milk production which is already low in the first place. And I don't mind to take extra callories for this matter, for which intake of rice is a must. Bukan belasah satu periuk pun.

Ahh, sometimes I just can't understand this people, that how on earth they dared to check on my level of fatness and commented on it in a very very mean ways. Berisi is fine to me. So as naik and semangat. But NOT gemok, tembun, bulat and etc.

But again, what most important to me is my husband, as he accepts me in every way I am. =) And don't worry, I will definitely work my way to get myself back to my ideal shape and weight like it was before. Just give me some fair time for this. ;)

: : Saya tak diet lagi kerana dia. Dan saya tak kisah segalanya untuk dia... : :


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