Thank You "Mummy & Daughter~!"

: : Many thanks from Adam Haris : :

Adam dapat present lagi and this time it came from "Mummy & Daughter". Mucho gracias Aunty Siti and Sofia for the beautiful gift and Adam will surely wear it on this Sunday, because we are going back to daddy's hometown in Kedah.

Tok Wan Aloq Staq kata, Adam ni anak yang murah rezeki. (Kami mak ayah amin kan lah sungguh-sungguh). Sebab sampai dah nak habis pantang, masih ramai lagi yang datang melawat. Dan tambah lagi hadiah and ringgit malaysia untuk Adam Haris. Nasib tu duit anak, kalau duit bapak, lama dah mak dia kirai dekat kedai elvi. tak pun makjekeb. =P

Okels, I have to go now because I need to list down Adam's stuff that need to be packed. Well, extra preparation is needed because this is our first time travelling with baby and I have to make sure that nothing important is left behind. Talking about travelling, baby bag is one perfect gift for baby should you think for one. Because I found that among those presents that Adam has received, baby bag is one of those that we will definitely use it. And I don't have to worry that Adam will outgrown it. =) But still, every gift to Adam Haris is very much appreciated. ;)

: : More presents : :

: : Bag for his balik kampung trip! : :


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