Adam's Very First Book

...titled "A Day at the Farm"...

I bought this book way before Adam was born. This fabric book was on sale and priced at RM19.90 that time. Worth buying for a very simple yet fun book that my baby can enjoy! Not that I was too ambitious to equip my son with everything on earth that he needs to know, from a simple ABC to Calculus and such. Or in my case; Financial Reporting Standards.

Most first time parents always wonder and question on when to start reading to their babies? When few articles said that 6 months is the ideal age, many others said that reading should start immediately. Some even read to the baby while in the womb! So, the idea is very conflicting here.

But to me, it's never too early to start reading to my baby. At the early stage, it's not the content that I want my son to master and to understand but the strong bond created between Adam and me is what most important here. It's about having fun and introducing the reading activity to him.

Baby makes their grand entrance into the world with very little skill in hand (except on suckling and swallowing, hihihi) but bear in mind that they have an enormous capacity to learn and the styles alter as they grow. So, it explains why early reading is very much important to our baby, at least to create the positive environment and to show the importance of books.

I'm glad that my baby showed a good response when I first read the book to him. Well, definitely he can't understand a word but at least he is giving me some reaction towards the reading. ;) With the colorful illustration and fun-to-feel textures, it helps to stimulate his vision, develope his touch sense and nurture his hearing sense too.

But don't worry, I am not torturing my own son, forcing him to become one genius baby who can read at the age of 1. After all, the session will only last for a maximum of 5 minutes, because over than that, he will start putting the book into his mouth than to listen to me. Or he will blinks a lot and simply turn away from me. Hihihihi....

And yeah, here's a
link to a good article on Reading to Baby.

: : Let's read a book! : :

: : Sheep. And it sounds Baa Baa! : :

: : Heigh! Heigh! This is horse. Blue horse : :

: : A pink pig. Oink Oink! And its haram sayang. Hihihihi : :

: : And a chick. Peep! Peep! : :

: : Time's up! I'm done! : :


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