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*Sweep* Sweep* Using Kiwi Clean to wipe-off the spider web and Ambi Pur fragrance spray to freshen this place.

Anyway, it has been a week since my last entry and definitely I have tons of stories to share in here. We had a great balik kampung trip and we did so much during the week, that I wish I could ramble about everything right now. But no, because I need to khatam my whole list of favourite blogs and to catch up with happenings and gossips that I missed for the last few days.

And one of those is Jiji's blog with her latest entry on MomBloggersPlanet Cutest Baby in Red Contest!! Anis pictures in red caught my eyes first and I wonder, "apa pulak si Jiji ni bungkus anak dia dalam scarf. Kreatif betui mak hang Anis". Only to know about the ongoing contest held by MomBloggersPlanet when I started to read her post on it. (Proven: Picture speaks louder than words).

Count me in!!

I don't need a reason for this and no second thought is needed as this is one easy peasy contest for every mother to join in.Most importantly, NO sile-undi-saya is involved (Low self esteem if it does. Siapa nak undi blog yang tak berapa informative neh? Heh) I'm not a saya-suka-masuk-pertandingan person, but I'm giving a try here because all I need to do is to find Adam's photos posing in red and yes, I have a folder of it. ;)


Everything is awesome! I mean who on earth gonna give me free medium hardcover photobook printed by Photobook Malaysia and a bag of my choice from AliceWonders? or one medium softcover photobook? or one large lanscape poster? or a purse hook? At least I stand a chance to win one of the great prizes with only a piece of Adam's picture in red. But I'm giving more than a piece here, hehehe...

So, here my first attempt participating in mother-baby contest: MomBloggersPlanet Cutest Baby in Red Contest.

Baby's name: Adam Haris Bin Mohd Fakhruddin

Date of Birth: 17th April 2009

Why Adam should get the title "Cutest Baby in Red?"

Because I know that I had baked one cutest baby fresh from my oven (and thank you husband for the ingredient. hihihi) With two hot dimples and fluffy cheeks, he is undeniably cute in my eyes. And he's my little michelin whom is nice to hug and cuddle too. With a smell like a warm cookies (or my cousin said more like jagung manis dalam tin), he is my cutest baby in the whole wide world! So, be it in white, blue, red, green or rainbow, he will still be my cutest baby on earth.

And eversince the theme is red, I would say that he's my cutest baby in red. =)

So mommies, what are you waiting for? Come and join the crowd as the more the merrier ait? Tho I personally do not want more to join because it makes my chance to win goes smaller and smaller. Hahahaha. No, just kidding. As simple as ABC, give a try and don't worry, it won't cost you a penny for a fun contest like this. ;)

For more details, please visit MomBloggersPlanet and thank you Photobook Malaysia and AliceWonders for the super coolness prizes!


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