You cuddle, I sleep

Currently, he loves to sleep this way; tummy down position on me. I thought he would choose his daddy's great chest muscle over me, but no, he loves mama's bumpy but comfy land more. So, for time being I need to hold/carry him this way as he will feel snug and secure lying close to me. Or maybe he gets comfort by the sound of my heartbeat, which is normal to every baby rite?

Well, somekind of light exercise too by carrying this 4.7kg++ baby around the house (without baby pouch, sling or whatsoever). I hope it helps to burn and reduce my stubborn fat even by only one kilo. Seriously.

Anyways, what most important here is he sleeps better this way. Except that I have to hold him a little bit longer to ensure that he really sleeps well before placing him to bed/cot.

So daddy, sorry to say that I have my new snug-cuddle companion now, that smelled like a fresh baked cookies. =P

Note: Excuse me on his hair. Itu kerja kejam ayah Adam, sampai dah tobek rambut anak jantan mak neh. Kerja mencukur tergendala, sebab Ayah kena outstation. Kire work in progress lah. Blame your Ayah sayang, I have nothing to do with the damages happened.


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