Money-Saving Lip Scrub

I've drank plenty of water but my lips still feel dry. And I hate seeing the flakes too. I need to combat this matter soonest possible because I know, that I will peel off the lips flakes if it still there. Even I am well aware that forcibly peeling the flakes would leed to bleeding.

Only to realize that line of beauty regime on my dressing table does not include lip scrub. Not any. With little Adam clinging to me, I need a quick fix for my chapped lips using whatever lying around in the room or in the kitchen. Something that can be done in few minutes time while I leave my baby in the cot for a shortwhile.

I remember reading a beauty entry on ThePinkStilettos about DIY Lip Scrub. And she used vaseline as one of the ingredients and suggested on honey as well. My vaseline is no where to be seen (I need to buy one soon because this is a must item in my kotak-kecantikan) and I don't have honey either. Instead, I substituted those with olive oil.

So I mixed an equal amount of 1/2 tsp sugar and olive oil, applied to lips and later, wiped off the sugary bits. As easy as that! And yeah, licking the remnant is not as yummeh as using honey.

Now, I don't have to worry on having to buy only a small jar of lip scrub which probably cost me RM20 or more. I mean, why not save a little money when this is surely a cheap and easy way to fix flaky dry lips rite?

At the end of the day, my lips looks slightly better now with this magic homemade beauty receipe!


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