My First Year: Month 2

Dear Adam,

Alhamdulillah, you have reached your two months checkpoint safe and sound. Errr, I mean nothing bad happened along the way (read: jatuh katil and whatnot). Again, I still remember spending my 26th birthday in the labor room, patiently waiting for your grand entrance into the world. Somehow, only in the blink of eyes, 61 days already passed since the day you were born. I wish I could control time so that I can savor each moment watching you grow, but no, I can't. Time really flies sayang...

Adam sayang, you are really one milk sucker since day one and now, you drink a lot on average of 2 hours round the clock. Like people always say, "Because you are a BOY". But I personally think because it runs in your genes as I eat a lottt too. Except that my selection is wider as compared to your one and only full cream yummeh milk. And 26 years ago, I was one baby mantap-lagi-solid too, so you shouldn't be worry that you have outgrown your fellow friends by few extra pounds (just eat my words, "it run in the genes").

Your cheeks are undeniably fluffy and your sweet dimples are your main weapon to melt everybody's heart. Owh, and you got your power tested yesterday at Maybank, while waiting for Mama to open your Yippie account. All you did was smile and tadaaa, you made one super hot chick came to you immediately. She was like, "Alaaa comelnyaaa. Alaaa cutenyaaa. Ala geramnyaaa....Adam Haris? Sedapnyaa namaaaa...." (Seriously the girl in mini skirt is super gorjes; nice skin complexion, perfect boobies, great bump, sexy legs, perfect!) Ok, I may sound like a lesbian now but don't worry, my one and only lifetime love is your daddy. I swear. But please sayang, that is not my perfect definition of my future daughter in law, tho your daddy is totally fine with that.

So, wonder what is your development during month two?

First, you are able to demonstrate your likes and dislikes quite clearly now. One thing for sure, you hate to be swaddled, I know that. You grunt everytime we swaddled you sayang, and by all means you will struggle to make your way out from that piece. Only if it fails, you will start to squirm and cry until one of us finally taking it off. Determine. Yes, you are very determined with full-scale efforts. So, here a great score for this positive attitude. Tho my only intention swaddling you is to let you sleep more soundly. But I bet you are most comfy sleeping with your arm and legs all spread out, hence you can freely maneuver on the bed.

Second, you discovered your fingers too sayang... I've decided not to put on your mitten during daytime so you can explore your world with your delicate little fingers. Tho sometimes it will lead to minor accident of you scratching your face and leave some red marks there. It just that I have to monitor you closely because you tend to suck your fingers or thumb when you are bored or hungry.

Third, you recognised faces and voices of people around you very well. And you almost make me cry when you first showed me that you know who I am. (It happened in Kedah when you were crying out loud and only to soothe down when I hold you tight and close to me...) I know this may sound a little pathetic but seriously I was scared if in such case you choose somebody else over me. Even if the person is your daddy. But not anymore now, because I know you know who I am. =)

Fourth, you are able to lift your head and hold it for seconds, especially if I lay you tummy-down during our massage session. Well, it seems that nothing big has happened yet, but to me every effort made and every second counts as an achievement sayang.

Fifth, I got excited when you flashed your brightest cheekiest smile to me every morning. You respond to me with your aaaaaaaa baby language everytime I talked or read a book to you, as if you understand every single thing that I said. Of course there were times when you showed me your different facial expressions, or maybe you were completely lost about the Monkey See Monkey Zoo story. But it's fine, because I know that baby will learn through repititions and so as you. At least you are showing me that you are able to respond to voices and musics eventho by making only gugu-gaga uuuu-aaaa sounds. You will even cool down everytime you grunt just by offering you any musical toy in order to catch your attention. Remember? I count every bit and every step that you made as a great achievement sayang.

Sixth, you still make me as your Barney midnight show. Or Backyardigans. Or Handy Mandy. Sometime you refuse to sleep and demand to be hand cradled for hours. Fine, at least you didn't cry out for nothing. Many sorries sayang if I sometimes given vent to my bad mood too.

Last but not least, you love your bathing time more now. Unlike in your first month when you struggled so much in the bath tub and cried your lungs out too. Bathing you was not an easy task that time, but it seems that you are enjoying your warm water a lot more now. Your legs wiggled and your hands splashed; so you must be very happy rite?


You have grown so much since the day you were born and maybe the next thing I know is you telling me, "Mama, Adam nak kawen...". Well, definitely that is another long way to go but remember that time flies like a shooting star. I really want you to know that you are the best thing ever happened to me. After your dad. ;) You gave me new dimension of life with immeasurable pleasure in it. You are my blessing and you never failed to fill me with peace and calm. Just another sappy words *yawnnn*.

Love you now and forever,


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