Mayday!! Mayday!! on Breastfeeding - Part 2

I went to see my LC yesterday. Yes I know, I was so desperate that I can't wait until Saturday for the appointment. Anything can happen within two days especially to a first timer like me and I am not ready anytime now for an empty tanks.

I told her how much I struggle with my low milk production and how hard it is for me to satisfy my baby's hunger. So, after checking on me and asking me few important questions, she told me this:

"Susu you banyak. You have plenty of it! But you don't have let down. Because you keep thinking that your milk is not sufficient at all....Then you get yourself stress for nothing."

Hohohohohoho. Nak kah lempang se-das dekat ShilaShower?? Owh, really?? I have plenty of it??? Maybe it's true, because the moment she pressed my nip, the milk squirted af if it was coming from a Hasbro Watergun~! But how did she do that? Muskill...

On top of that, she asked me to frequently clean my nip pores because sometimes the milk is literally too thick with fat and clogging the pores. She suggested olive oil because it is safe for baby too.

Following to that, she gave me my new schedule that I have to follow (strictly) until Tuesday. As well as prescribing me with feenugreek capsules on a basis of 3caps 3 times a day (which remind me that I haven't took it this morning! Dem!!)

Kijap, makan obat dulu.

Ok done.

Now, I would love to share my new schedule with every mommy out there who has the same problem like mine. (Just in case you are too shy to voice it out). Nevermind, sharing is caring rite? ;)

6.45 AM - Breastfeed (15 minutes each)
7.15 AM - Cup of Milo & Plain Water
8.30 AM - Breakfast + Feenugreek 3caps
9.00 AM - Express (5 minutes each for 30 minutes. Alternately)
10.30 AM - Snack (Biscuits 4cps or Banana + 1 Cup Milo)
12.00 PM - Express (5 minutes each for 30 minutes. Alternately)
1.00PM - Lunch + Fenugreek 3caps
3.30PM - Express (5 minutes each for 30 minutes. Alternately)
4.00 PM - Tea (Hi cal snack like butter or cheesecake, sandwich + 1 cup of milo or horlicks)
5.00 PM - Express (5 minutes each for 30 minutes. Alternately)
5.30 - 6.00 PM - Last feeding for Adam (FM)
7.00 PM - Breastfeeding (Make it 30 minutes each breast. Only then top up with FM 2oz)
8.00 PM - Dinner + Fenugreek 3caps
9.00 PM - Breastfeeding (30 minutes each breast. Top with FM 2oz if needed)
12.00 AM - Breastfeeding (30 minutes each breast. No FM after 12am)
3.00 AM - Breastfeeding (30 minutes each breast. No FM after 12am)

Read the important note: NO formula after 12AM in order to stimulate more milk during that wee hours.

If I really followed the said bit to bit, she guaranteed me that my milk will flow as usual and gradually increase in amount. But for now, she warned me not to look on the quantity because I may feel depress again. This is stimulation time. So I have to remember that and will update more on the result after my next appointment on Tuesday. Another highly important note from her: JANGAN LAZY!

After following her instructions (just started last night), I could literally feel my b are slightly heavier than before. I think my milk production has started to kick in eventhough only at a slow rate, and hopefully it will increase gradually in the next few days.

And you know what? I will be more than happy if I can ruin my shirt with banjir susu from my factory anytime now. =P


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