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Career vs Interest

Have you ever thought of "why you are doing your works now?". I mean your career now. Is it because of your strong interest and determination, or is it because you just have do it for the sake of money or you are just total clueless about the whole career thing?

I never gave much thought to it before, because all I have in mind is to settle my 10 years bond condition with TM. And I still have 8 challenging years in my book! Lama gile hokey. None other than that, hanya mahu menghabeskan syarat2 perjanjian biasiswa.

But today, after having some light discussion with one of my boss, I finally gave a quick thought on it. So that I have a clear picture about the whole route for the next few years. Frankly speaking, my current job is bored and all dried up. Well, life is not that hectic as one in audit but this is just not as exciting as others did. At least to me. My soul isn't there. And I think that I'm under-utilising my knowledge and skills. Hahahahahhaah. Saya tak hunger for works, lebih kurang begitu lah.

Faham ke neh?

While few others have been asking me to try some other job scopes within the same department, I'm thinking of trying other thing than this project based-audit analysis-number crunching works. Tapi tataulah. Everything is so blur to me right now and the only clear picture that been projecting in my mind is about having
successful homemade cake/cookies business. Hahahhaha. Seriously, no kidding!

I even have a plan to take professional certificate(s) on cake making and decoration. Organize classes and all. I even have saving for me to buy that pink Kitchen Aid mixer that I've been dreaming for so long (harga boleh beli LV sebijik tau) as well as to invest buying lot of cake baking and decorating tools. Insyaallah, if God permits, someday, mungkin bukak cafe of my own.

But I don't have such plan in my current job in TM. How meh?

I can't quit my current job either because lot of things need to be considered. Unless, if my husband is making super good income from his business, then I may be able to consider this option. So, definitely not anytime now lah. Hihihihihi. How I wish that I can be a SAHM in the same running my homemade cupcakes business on fulltime basis. Best nyeeeeee.

*Sudah sudah! Berhenti berangan*

Lempang sekali, get back to reality!

Seriously I need to think in deep whether to let my ass glued on my current position or make a move into other department which I think suit best my interest. One that caught my attention is "Writer,Marketing & Consumer Service" where the job scope is more on writing lifestyle article, update bluehyppo website, generate localize content for internal usage and doing out of office assignments. Hurmm, it fits more to my interests but not to my qualifications at all.

Blueerrrghhhhh. Susah lah nak fikir.

But again, my whole idea is: tak perlu kerja corporate bagai kalau nak duit banyak. All you need is determination, interest and hardwork. Get your right field, insyaallah you'll make your own remarkable success.

Best example that I have in hand is my BIL. Sekolah sampai form 3 saja, tapi gigih nak buat bisnes roti canai. And tak give up. Sekarang? Duit lagiiii banyakkkkk dari abang kakak neh. Cash lagi. I bet if stay sampai GM level kat TM ni pon tak akan earn that much, tapi kerja like hell mad for others. Well, don't get offended with my words, itu hanya pendapat and rasa hati saya. Again, money is not everything, but everything needs money. Kan??

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